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Home Security Techniques that Don’t Work

In today’s uncertain world, more than ever before, securing your home, family, and valuables should be your absolute number one priority. Danger seems to be lurking everywhere, due primarily to the number of people providing more and more services to our houses, businesses, and common space areas than ever before. Since COVID-19 is so prevalent that nowhere is this effect more evident than in the cities and towns of North Florida. Our city and county jails are full of hardened criminals caught trying to take advantage of us, invading our space, homes, and stealing our property. This condition exists in almost all of our neighborhoods, even in the most rural of areas. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a residential and commercial security alarm company that offers a security alarm layer of protection second to none and at an affordable price. Smart Security Systems, state of the art security protection, with professional, local monitoring is 24 hours of protection you can afford.  A large percentage of homeowners don’t even consider adding a home security system until after they have been invaded or robbed. Robbery, home invasions, or attempted intrusions occur all-around their homes. These homeowners are playing roulette with the odds that their house and family will not be the next victims of a crime. Some homeowners even believe they can protect their house and loved ones by just being on guard, without incurring the affordable cost of a home security system. Here are some deterrents to prevent a crime that gives many homeowners the false impression that their house will not be next on the burglar’s list.

Burglar Deterrents That Just Don’t Work

  • Hiding Your Valuables in the Bedroom
    Professional thieves, even some experienced amateurs know that most people store their valuables in or around their bedroom. One of the first places a thief will look for valuables is in the master bedroom, its closets, and the adjacent bathroom. Many homeowners try and get creative in hiding valuables under sinks, even removable floorboards, and many other improvised places where they think a thief will not find them.  Please, don’t be that person. Getting creative with your hiding spots and distributing your valuables over several places, will in most cases not secure your valuables from being found and stolen. Home security alarms from ESI, not only deter the crime from happening in the first place but are the right security products that can aid law enforcement in catching and convicting criminals.  The likelihood of getting your valuables back in the event of an invasion is much higher if police are warned within a short period of time only a monitored dwelling can provide. Security alarm systems, motion detectors, and monitoring reduce the likelihood of your house being invaded in the first place and your valuables being stolen.
  •  Leaving the Lights on for Protection
    Most home invasions are the result of successful planning and careful observations made by thieves before the crime is committed. During any high crime season, when families leave their homes for a vacation or a couple of days, potential homes that are targeted are observed to see if lights go on and off at the same time each day. These homes are also monitored to see if the mail or delivered boxes are being stacked up. Does the two-car garage have only one car in it? Are well lite houses a problem for burglars?  Does a potential thief know what they will find in the way of security measures in unoccupied homes? Unfortunately, just leaving the lights on is like a beacon to burglars and says “we are not home”. Even trying to add timers that will flip your lights on and off throughout the course of the day, is no guarantee someone is not watching. The only tried and true way to protect your home is to install a security system. Having ESI install a security shield that can remotely turn lights off and on, even rotate different lights to go on will deter crime. Add local monitoring and your home is safe and secure and that is an affordable and sensible solution.
  •  Suspending Mail Delivery Temporarily
    Career burglars always know how to stake out a home to learn its habits. If your habits suddenly change i.e. mail being picked up earlier in the day, or mail carriers or newspaper deliveries start bypassing your home – That is a clear sign that you’re out of town.
  •  Getting a Big Dog for Protection
    Big dogs may look and feel scary and will make a huge racket and bark uncontrollably, alerting you that someone is at the door but that doesn’t solve the problem. Depending on your dog for protecting your home while you are away is a big mistake. Burglars know that most dogs can be de-activated simply by offering the dog a treat or by letting the dog out of a gate. The best protection is a “Smart Alarm Security System” from ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. We are Jacksonville’s leader in home security protection. For over 40 years ESI has been protecting 1000’s of homes just like yours at very affordable prices. If you want to protect your home with a professionally designed and installed alarm system, do it with ESI. Emergency Systems Inc.
  • Using False Yard Signs 
    One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make is putting up false yard signs showing that security protection is in use. This only alerts a potential burglar to look for signs of an installed security system and when one is not found, the burglar knows the homeowner has something of value to protect.  This is an open invitation to invade, search, steal, and even not worry about getting caught because no security system is in place.

Why Choose ESI for all your Security Needs!

If you want peace of mind that your home, family, and valuables are secured and safe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, make the small investment and call ESI. We provide state-of-the-art security alarm systems for every kind of budget and home application possible. Let one of our highly trained professional security technicians show you how easy and affordable a security system really is. Call ESI today at 904-388-3975 for a free security consultation. Visit us our website @