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How to Protect School Aged Children After School

Well, it’s that time of the year again, kids going back to school and the decisions many families are facing about their after-school care. As the costs of goods and services keep rising, so too are the prices of daycare and after-school care for most families. For many young teenagers or even some mature, home-bound eleven- and twelve-year old’s, becoming latch-key kids is becoming more common than not. But how does a responsible parent safeguard their children unprotected by senior guardianship even for the few hours of the day these children find themselves home alone? It’s a good question not only answered by a professional but provided for also.

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we have been protecting families in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities for over 40 years with affordable, state-of-the-art commercial grade security alarm systems designed to fit any residential or commercial need. Today more than ever, an absent parent can have as much control over their children’s behavior and safety using modern technology as never before. Simply installing a security alarm system in your home does not guarantee protection is optimized.

Below are the dos and don’ts to ensuring your children’s well-being is protected and if trouble comes, there is someone professionally trained and qualified to take immediate action that a parent would take if present.

Protecting Children is Job Number #1

If you are considering installing a security alarm system in your home, be sure to do your homework on the limitations a do-it-yourself purchase and installation package really offers. In the first place, these types of systems are only as good as your response and action taken, if tragedy were to occur. Also, most of these so-called security alarm systems have shortcomings and capabilities far below professionally installed commercial-grade products. For instance, silent and panic alarms are not available in these systems. Neither is the integration of a keyless entry/access control device many homes are becoming equipped with.

So, let’s take a look at what you get and what you don’t with “big box” or online purchased security alarm products.

  1. Non-commercial grade, non-expandable systems have limited shelf life and are not readily available for servicing.
  2. Limitations include cellular transmissions, camera clarity/range/options, alarm activation/noise only, notification, and critical response time in emergencies.
  3. Power source limited to battery shelf life.
  4. Installation issues.
  5. Cellular security blanket easily compromised
  6. Price, these security systems are expensive.
  7. These non-professionally monitored systems are only as good as the recipient’s reception and availability. 

Professionally designed, manufactured, installed, and monitored security alarm systems have many unique features including commercial grade hardware, hardwired or cellular transmission, cellular boosting, fire, smoke, water, tampering, entry, and perimeter protection available. Also, as mentioned before these security alarm systems have available CCTV, motion detection, zone protection, keyless entry devices, silent and panic alarm, pendants and active video surveillance professionally viewed and monitored 24/7/365.

Why Choose ESI for all your Security Alarm Needs?

No one can put a price on your child’s safety and protection. Just as you wouldn’t buy cheap, balding tires to put on your family car, why would you put your family, children, and home at risk of burglary, invasion, kidnapping, fire, electrical mishap, or your availability if someone or something threatened their safety. Do-it-yourself security alarm systems are extremely limited in their capabilities to thwart, deter, detect and protect. If no one is available to respond or willing to investigate a noise alarm activation, fire, police and first responders in an emergency will not be notified.

At ESI we believe that the first real line of security alarm defense is a security partner that is available every step of the way to provide you security independence. That all starts with a phone call to 904-388-3975 and a free, no-obligation security consultation conducted by a highly skilled and knowledgeable security technician. We offer security alarm systems to meet any need for home, office, business, retail establishment, warehouse, industrial complex, governmental or military application.

We specialize in home and small business security alarm systems manufactured by the world’s leading companies. For over 40 years, ESI has provided security and local monitoring protection. Give us a call and see how affordable a real security alarm system can be.