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One of the most life-threatening and critical events that can take place in a residential home or commercial building is a smoke and fire breakout. These types of events usually present little or no warning and in many cases are only preventable based on a thorough examination of a structure, its electronic components and systems, and utilizing the space in a common-sense way. Having a fire alarm system that is professionally installed, periodically reviewed and serviced, is crucial in protecting property and saving lives. There are many non-commercial grade security products on the market today such as door cameras, simple windows, and door alarms, etc. but fire alarm experts agree that it takes more than just a battery-operated, portable smoke detector to thwart off the effects of a fire event.  When smoke and fire breakouts occur, integrating an electronically hardwired and battery back up smoke detector into one’s security shield is a prudent decision. Having the building professionally monitored and capable of deploying emergency responders, is probably the most advanced alarm feature one can rely upon to protect life, limb, and property. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we have been the leader in providing commercial-grade security products, repair, installation, and monitoring since 1979. Whether you are protecting a 5-story office building, brick and mortar retail shop, or a residential dwelling, it is important to understand the protocols if a fire were to occur. Commercial properties have very strict municipality fire codes that must be adhered to and include many of the same processes that a homeowner can incorporate into their own fire prevention and fire alarm activation event. One of the most important factors is in the preparation to react to a fire or smoke alarm event. Having an evacuation plan, should a fire breakout occur, which is the first step in protecting occupants in any structure. Also, the orderly evacuation of people should proceed without panic or running so as not to cause a further emergency incident. Whether for a commercial entity or residential home, knowing how to gather up all of the occupants and evacuate the building properly is paramount to saving lives. Once out of a building, stay out of the building until a professional first responder has cleared the structure for readmittance. Reentering a building during an evacuation will only serve to confuse evacuees on the authenticity of the event and fire and smoke can spread very quickly to places that only a moment ago were smoke or fire-free. Professionals are trained to handle high-stress scenarios and are therefore better equipped to enter buildings to ensure people are secure and that fire suppression is taking place properly.

Preventing Fires

Smoke alarm installation should take place at every level of your building and home, specifically inside and outside offices, bedrooms, hallways, basements, in kitchens, and near HVAC systems. This will ensure that should a fire occur anywhere in the home or commercial building it will be caught immediately by the activation of an alarm. Fires usually spread quickly, so the sooner you are alerted to their presence the better it is for everyone concerned. It is recommended that smoke alarms be installed and integrated into the alarm system and that the battery backup, in the event of electricity loss, be tested once a month. Also, consider professional monitoring of alarms that will dispatch emergency personnel quickly.  When faced with a fire or smoke breakout, everyone should know exactly what to do, from the smallest child to a handicapped worker. Everyone should be familiar with the alarm sound and know what route to take should this emergency occur. Families should communicate the plan and layout of the emergency evacuation and practice it at least twice a year. Good, common-sense practices should include no smoking in bed, keep flammable liquids and products from heating sources, do not leave candles or portable heaters unattended, and avoid overloading electrical outlets. Also, use proper electrical cords that can carry the load for appliances in use. These, best practices will help prevent fires from occurring in the first place. There are no guarantees that a fire will not break out even in the best-protected structure, but with these items and practices in place, safe evacuation and quick-time emergency response should limit the exposure and damage that can occur in the event of a fire.

ESI has been the leader in providing security alarm equipment and systems for over 40 years. If you are considering installing a security system in your office, business, home, or apartment, we offer free, no-obligation consultations on designing a commercial-grade security component system, second to none. These alarm and security protection and prevention systems are both affordable and designed for your unique needs. Give one of our security technicians a call at 904-388-3975. Visit our website at GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our products and services.