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Keeping Our Kids Safe On The Internet

While most Jacksonville security alarm companies are busy selling off-the-shelf, security-in-a-box products, one name stands out from all the rest providing modern, advanced security protection, ESI. Emergency Systems Inc. is a security alarm provider that protects more than just window and door entry. ESI is a full-service commercial and high-end residential security company with a great deal of experience utilizing internet-based products that protect Networks and provides IP monitoring with an unprecedented communication path supervision. With the advent of internet-facing security alarm product development, traditional hardwired telephone line security applications are fast becoming a thing of the past. ESI has been on these cutting-edge offerings for some time and is concerned with all breaches of security, facility, and individuals. We have established many protocols for protecting what matters most; from customers, vendors and employees to families, children and the aged. Below we have included some cyber safety tips and parental guidelines to help keep our children safe when engaged online. Many families allow even very young children access to the entire internet menu of offerings. This misguided lack of parental controls sometimes is actually allowing the internet to babysit our children without direction or oversite. Competent parents usually have rules for all children’s activities, including where they are allowed to go, how long they are gone and what time they must be back. But many parents haven’t taken the time to set guidelines for how much time a child can actually spend on the internet, what platforms they can engage in and who they are allowed to interact with. Scary.

What are Basic Internet Security Practices

ESI understands the importance of good internet security skills such as properly logging off and on, password applications and the importance of keeping passwords and personal information secret. Children need to be supervised on what sites are appropriate and what are not for specific age groups. These applications extend to cell phone usage, texting, tweeting, and Instagram. Because the internet is a stealth tool for many criminal activities, children need to be informed about how dangerous online activities can be, especially sharing personal information with strangers and online services. They need to know you never know who is looking or has access to them especially with Facebook and other social media sites. Creating a list of websites, they are allowed to visit and searches they are allowed to perform is very important. Also having access to their online activity is not a breach of their privacy but an essential tool to determine if their usage conforms with your rules. Schools instruct their students on what is appropriate to search and what is not. Parents need to adopt the same guidelines as schools apply to their students.

Parental Controls that Work

ESI recommends that parents establish strict rules for how much time a child can spend online when not performing schoolwork. Children today are more likely to avoid interpersonal contact with friends replacing these interactions with online usage. Having un-sedentary activities is important for the healthy and natural growth of children. Knowing when and where your children are online is also important so that a parent can determine the usage and internet activity. Parents can also take advantage of software that monitors online activity. Additionally, certain website browsers can give parents control by adjusting security settings restricting access when warranted.  

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. Recommendations

We at ESI take personal and cybersecurity personally, with products and offerings designed to protect and defend against unwanted intrusion from physical as well as cyber-attacks. We have for over 40 years been North Florida’s source for security alarm components, design, repair, installation, and monitoring. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation security assessment. ESI specializes in affordable security alarm systems for business, commercial properties, industrial complex, governmental and high-end residential customers. We specialize in fire alarms, burglar alarms, silent and panic alarms, access control/keyless entry, gate operating devices, fire suppression, and sprinkler systems, CCTV and video surveillance cameras, cellular boosting, fence perimeter security and online IP monitoring and protecting much, much more.