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Security Surveillance and Access Control/Keyless Entry Systems

In today’s environment, more and more businesses in Florida are taking steps to secure their establishments, property, employees and customers. From large corporate campuses to single space units, businesses, are starting to get serious about their security and for good reason. With the influx of so-many new residents migrating to our fair city, that unexpected growth is presenting us with problems of overcrowding and taxing our infrastructure like never before.

Every day, some unlucky business is becoming the target of an intrusion, theft or security breach, and with so many new companies springing up as part as this outgrowth, new targets are coming online offering criminals soft targets and expanded choices from which to choose.

Since 1979, ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been a commercial and residential security alarm specialist providing security analysis, advice and state-of-the-art security alarm equipment installation for owners and property managers seeking to secure their premises.

Many security alarm companies in Jacksonville Fl, are primarily selling residential home security packages and only adapt those products to commercial properties as a sideline business. Few security alarm companies specialize in all aspects of the security and fire alarm field, possessing the knowledge and expertise to fulfill all security demands in this everchanging security landscape. Due to the complex nature of securing a business, many companies are turning to ESI, as their first choice and only line of defense for their premises protection.

ESI Offers Business Security Alarm Solutions

At ESI, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art security solutions for your business. From video surveillance, CCTV’s, fire alarm, burglar alarm systems, access control, cellular boosting, electric gate and perimeter security, to testing, inspecting, repairing and monitoring.

Since 1979, ESI has been the premier security alarm company in North and Central Florida business owners trust, for planning and executing custom solutions to their facility risk concerns.

ESI is here to make your job easier, more efficient and cost effective when choosing a security company. ESI gives your business a safer and more secured environment in which to grow, giving you peace of mind, and with our round the clock local central monitoring center we take the worry out of protecting what matters most.

Access Control/Keyless Entry Systems

There are many questions about keyless entry or access control/swipe card systems. As a first line of defense, these security alarm systems give customers complete control of who can access their building or facility and even restrict, monitor and inspect who has gained access to their property, building, floor or room.

Any sized business who has to secure and limit its access to “Qualified Personnel Only” needs to consider installing an access control device.

All businesses actually have an access control device in the way of locked doors accessed by the use of keys. But to properly secure exits and entrances, many owners have found that being able to electronically monitor who has access and has gained entrance is of great benefit. Employees having keys give you limited control over your building’s security.

Access Control Systems allow an employer to add an additional protective layer of security so that the business is protected by who has clearance or permission to enter, even down to specific areas of a business and control on, when they do.

One of the additional layers of protection most businesses do not employ but who’s presents can make the difference, is adding Video Surveillance, CCTV to any security system. 

Surveillance Security Measures

One of the most important elements of ensuring your business is safe from without and within, is having a video surveillance system installed. According to the FDLC, criminal activity on premises is greatly reduced when businesses employ video surveillance equipment. Internal theft is thwarted because employees never know if their activities are being monitored. Criminal activity of intrusion and burglary is also reduced if premises are under surveillance and professionally monitored. ESI specializes in commercial grade video surveillance systems installed and maintained to the highest standards.

One more thing about access control devices. For keyless entry systems to operate at their optimum level, yearly inspections and routine maintenance should be performed by an expert like ESI. Keeping your business and facilities safe should be your number one security concern. Without routine inspections of your access control systems, performed by a security expert, systems can become obsolete and access vulnerability can cause breaches in your security shield you will want to avoid.

ESI is a leader in the commercial security alarm field with over 40 years’ experience. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free security alarm analysis.