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Commercial Security Alarm Companies Combat Organized Retail Crime

In the mists of our new world reality, there is a crime wave sweeping the nation like never before as state and local governments are trying to keep up with the growing retail theft. One of the integral components leading the charge against these crimes are the commercial security alarm companies designing security shields capable of thwarting this retail onslaught.

For over 40 years, ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been on the front lines in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities providing state-of-the-art security alarm products, services, and solutions to help retail owners protect and secure their places of business.

According to the National Retail Federation, recent events in cities all across America have given renewed interest in what is referred to as Organized Retail Crime or ORC. This movement, large and organized in some locales and less visible in others, is sweeping the nation. The internet and its vast chain of online outlets and purchasing opportunities are the new-source threat to retailers, their products, and their profits.

Organized groups have been targeting, everyday consumer items that are in demand and easy to resell online. Unfortunately, lower punitive consequences being legislated make this type of theft an attractive proposition for thieves. Online marketplaces are convenient channels for resale, and many unsuspecting consumers are purchasing stolen products without ever knowing that illegal activity made it possible.

How Bad Has Organized Retail Crime Become?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, these types of criminal operations grew in prevalence. Perpetrators, for many reasons, became bolder and more confident. There were additional factors such as face coverings making identification in many cases much harder. In 2022, a National Retail Security Survey found that “retailers, on average, saw a 26.5% increase in ORC incidents in 2021.” More disturbing was the fact that 80% of retailers reported “violence and aggression associated with ORC incidents that occurred.” That issue alone of violence accompanying many thefts is not only a concern for employees but the public as well.

Congress is now being called upon to reform lenient laws, one of the main reasons of which, is a concern for the safety of retail workers and their customers. Lenient laws passed by many public administrators are being exploited to a dangerous level.  A new bill went into effect June 27, 2023, requiring online marketplaces to collect more information about third-party sellers. Providing this information to law enforcement officials when requested, will help improve transparency for investigations and inhibit or reduce the resale of stolen items on those platforms.

Where Does ESI Come in on Helping Retailers Regain Control of Their Products and Safety?

As a 40-year professional commercial security alarm company in Jacksonville FL, ESI specializes in designing and developing security shield technology for small, mid-size, and large enterprises businesses. Our expertise extends beyond traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, to securing retail space, from clothing and general merchandise to precious, high-value products and the employees and customers who patronize these establishments. From state-of-the-art access control/keyless entry systems for secured properties to CCTV and high-definition surveillance cameras for cash and carry businesses, ESI is at the forefront of building high-valued security shields.

ESI also assists established retailers wanting to take action by upgrading video surveillance and other security measures not in place. Retail surveillance is an integral tool in preventing theft and prosecuting those offenders who commit it. Being able to provide more detailed, more accurate information to police is the highest priority when fighting theft, both internal and external.

Because of all this mayhem, retailers are devoting considerable amounts of resources to prevent the victimization of their employees, customers, and organizations. Retailers are continually boosting their limited budgets to gain a foothold in preventing theft by taking advantage of the modern technology that is available today.

How to Upgrade Retail Security Systems

Below are the security system upgrades retailers are implementing.

  1. Video monitoring, such as high-resolution surveillance cameras and analytics.
  2. Access control/keyless entry systems limit traffic in targeted areas.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) inventory. Allows electronic devices to easily track and monitor items reduce the risk of theft and improve chances of recovery.
  4. For military and governmental agencies, ESI carries the V-6000 Series Cameras which represents a significant advancement in NDAA-compliant, high-resolution video technology. Hardwired cameras incorporate video analytics, including line crossing, and person or vehicle detection for seamless state-of-the-art command and control.
  5. ESI also carries and installs the revolutionary XV-24 with Alarm Vision which transforms existing cameras into smart motion detectors. This provides integrated cameras, analytics, and XR Series control panels in one platform. These actually monitor real events, in real time, with a real response.
  6. For any locked or protected exits, the 1119 Door Sounder delivers 100dB to 110dB of local annunciation when someone runs out an emergency exit door with shoplifted items. This helps retailers instantly detect a theft is in progress.
  7. The 1136 Remote Chime alerts employees when a door opens so they can exercise awareness as customers move about the store.

ESI has installed 1000’s of theft deterrence and preventative measures for commercial retail businesses and governmental facilities. By increasing video monitoring in key areas, retailers can actually deter criminals and crimes. Video analytics gives shop personnel the ability to respond to critical events rapidly while diminishing the need to have employees in harm’s way.

ESI understands that many enhanced technologies, along with improved legislation, will make an impact in reducing organized retail crime and its effect on merchandising companies.

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