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Commercial Security Alarm Systems for Small to Medium Size Companies

Many small business owners believe, especially startups, that good strong locks on doors and windows are about as preventative an investment that is needed, to keep their employees and assets safe from theft and intrusion. But a well-designed and installed security apparatus is more than just preventative, it is also a deterrent to criminals whose nefarious designs are on your business location. Sound burglar alarm systems aren’t just for large corporations or big box stores they can also be retrofitted to a home-based business where transactions and business is conducted.  

Every business, no matter the location or size deserves effective security to keeps its owners, employees, customers, vendors, assets, and even family members safe and secure from all types of breaches and invasions. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we have been doing just that for over 40 years, protecting what matters most to businesses large and small. We are Jacksonville’s premier security alarm company with intelligent and affordable solutions to meet your security needs.

We at ESI believe there are five basic types of security shields designed to incorporate the latest technology to protect your business. With all you know about security, isn’t it time you took advantage of our free, security analysis and consultations.

Alarm/Intrusion Protection

Any effective security alarm shield starts off with a durable burglar and fire alarm component. Modern security systems are less penetrable and therefore prevent break-ins as well as provide early detection of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide breakouts, and even heat in computer and clean rooms. Intrusion is by far the biggest concern and it’s estimated that over 70% of all burglaries are terminated once a security alarm is either detected or triggered. Those that have additional components like monitoring or video surveillance have an even higher abandonment rate.


Professional monitoring is probably the most effective way to thwart or apprehend a suspect during or after an intrusion has taken place. Many security alarm companies in Jacksonville Fl claim to have monitoring capabilities, but few have their own. At ESI, we have invested and installed the most sophisticated central monitoring alarm center, equipped with not only the latest technology but professionally trained security technicians as well. Manned 24/7 to give you confidence that someone is watching over your business, even when you are not. Our cellular alarm communications enable us to transmit over the internet, cell network and we even repair and install traditional hard-wired phone line connections when required. For year-round alarm protection that can dispatch fire, rescue, emergency response, and police in the event of a security breach or other alarm issue, there is no one better than ESI.

Video Surveillance/CCTV’s

Again, ESI is the leader in providing affordable, commercial-grade video surveillance in a variety of applications depending on your needs. From Door cameras to stand-alone video cameras we can protect any structure, commercial property, perimeter fence, or construction site. We even have portable video surveillance in a motion detector called Videofied. Effective for ongoing construction projects where installation and portability are required. Video is by far the most effective deterrent to crime especially if it has an ongoing presence or even stealth component needed for back-door or employee theft.

Keyless Entry/Access Control Devices

Access control is both an affordable and secured option for the electronic opening, securing, and user identification option. No longer do owners have limited control because of key distribution on who has access to a property. Fob or swipe card initiation is all it takes to permit, or change access capabilities. We can even install biometric scanners to prevent unauthorized entry. When building or secured room access is scheduled or denied, an immediate alert is communicated to a directed source. Control, immediacy, functionality, and adaptability make access control a smart choice.

Why Choose ESI?

Over 40 years of dependable security alarm services to fit any commercial requirement. ESI provides state-of-the-art custom-designed security shields for burglar alarms, fire, water suppression, smoke, heat, video surveillance, CCTV, access control, gate operation, silent and panic alarms, and cellular boosting technology. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation security analysis and consultation conducted by the best-trained security technicians in the business. GetEsi.Com