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Commercial Security Protection

Commercial Security Company

The holidays are fast approaching and that means more customers, more sales, with additional traffic, as resources are being stretched to their limits. End of the year time frames are also a good time to reevaluate your commercial security structure and components and ensure your protection is up-to-date. Many companies, especially brick and mortars are taking the opportunity to review their security policies and procedures so that all of their employees are fully briefed and compliant. This is especially true with new and temporary employees being familiarized with specific security features that are employed in case of a security breach, intrusion, robbery or burglary. Silent alarm and panic alarms are a good way to protect valuables, customers and employees. Keyless entry or access control systems are another way of controlling who has direct access to your building or place of business. Many retail outlets that have valuable merchandise have installed access control systems so that the admission of this person or that can be selective or controlled. Keeping customers safe is as important as making customers feel safe when conducting business and these installed systems are no longer relegated to just high crime areas. In fact, many B & M’s are installing access controls on traditional 24-hour locked doors to ensure that their business is conducted safely and efficiently. By admitting only those persons that the average retailer approves, helps to ensure their valuables and clients are protected. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial security company specializing in state-of -the-art security systems that are both affordable and expandable and offer a level of security protection second to none.

High-End Residential Security

What is meant by high-end residential security is not defined by the size of the residential structure but by the value placed on the property to ensure its protection. Many dwellings are on the higher end of the economic scale due to the value of the possessions contained within. Having modern security system features such as wireless, cellular based transmissions, adding keyless entry on doors and utilizing expandable components such as CCTV, or products like Videofied, a motion detector equipped with a real-time video feed are effective tools to protect your valuables and loved ones. The residential setting is an attractive, high-value target for criminal activities and high-end properties are coveted as being the most value rich. Many things of value can’t be replaced and since most high-end residential robberies result in major insurance claims, having a first line of defense security system is paramount to successful protection. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a Jacksonville security company with the experience and professional trained technicians who can design a security system to protect any structure and their coveted valuables. Affordable, low cost, commercial grade security protection from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Why Hire a Security Company?

Many security considerations focus on the monetary costs verses the value a modern security blanket brings to a company, insuring the protection of its assets. Almost every property carries an insurance policy in case of accident, loss or claim. But many, content rich properties employ insufficient security measures and are at risk, something that could be avoided. ESI has been protecting commercial and residential owners and their properties for almost 40 years. The security industry has seen quite a lot of changes and enhancements over the years and ESI has been right there at the forefront providing security protection. From electronic gate operating applications and keyless entry systems to CCTV, fire alarm and sprinkler protection, ESI has been there every step of the way. ESI also specializes in repair of all existing security devices, upgrades and component additions to fit every security concern. Let one of their highly trained and knowledgeable technicians review your security shield and provide you with an estimate to ensure your security future is sound. Call ESI at 904-388-3975 or visit our website for a complete list of products and services at