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Preventing Workplace Fraud

Have a Problem with Fraud in Your Business

Every business has a certain amount of internal fraud or criminal activities taking place that affects its bottom line. From the outright stealing of products or services rendered, to petty theft of time and asset abuse, misuse of company resources is the number one internal cost that every company faces. For every type of criminal misuse of company property there is a security remedy available to detect, prevent and insure that your company’s valuable resources are protected. Commercial security options, if properly developed focus on eliminating the threat of loss at the source. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in providing customer solutions to internal and external theft and fraud protection that includes security analysis of security “soft spots” and breach vulnerabilities. We focus on what makes a business or commercial property safe before an incident occurs. We like our clients to be out-in-front of potential threats and have a security shield that not only protects assets but deters crime.

Business Fraud Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Business fraud consists of illegal activities committed in most cases by trusted employees. Many types of fraud are financial in nature including theft of cash, property, misappropriation of funds, intellectual property fraud and transaction fraud; providing services to customers out of the normal channel of service and payment. These common misuse of company resources can devastate a small company and if left undetected can undermine the company’s basic business structure. Although there are security remedies that can abate these types of criminal activities such as CCTV, access control devices placed in specific areas where limited access is desired, most security systems do not control the common theft that is committed by trusted individuals. Financial audits conducted regularly often times uncovers internal theft and it is also a good idea of rotating employees within a payroll or accounting group to provide checks and balances on processes and procedures being properly followed. Monitoring critical positions and even conducting audits by outside sources can reduce or eliminate the opportunity of fraud being committed. But most internal accounting fraud is not detected and sometimes the illegal consumption of funds goes on for months and even years before revealed. Business owners also have to be careful when theft or fraud is suspected or discovered and individuals are blamed or terminated before an actual investigation reveals the possible culprit(s). Security systems are an integral way of reducing theft if designed properly and should be part of an overall security strategy if well planned and executed. If you suspect that your resources are being misused or stolen and need the expertise of a professional security provider to advice you on the types of security elements you could employ, call ESI.

Preventing Theft and Fraud in the Workplace

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in the security field providing state-of-the-art security protection and solutions for high-end residential and commercial businesses. Whether you are recovering from a security breach, intrusion, robbery or internal fraud, or are interested in discovering what makes ESI different from all the rest. We specialize in all types of commercial grade security systems and components for fire alarm, water and sprinkler systems, CCTV, access control and keyless entry systems, gate operating devices, perimeter security, cellular communication, monitoring, repair, design, installation and service. ESI has been servicing customers in Central, North Central and North Florida for almost 40 years. Let one of our highly trained technicians review your security needs and show you how ESI can install an affordable security shield second to none. Call ESI today at 904-388-3975 or visit us on the web at