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Creating A Safer Workplace

How to Make Work space Safer

Responsible employers always want to find ways of making their workspaces as safe as possible. Safety for employees, customers, vendor and visitors is a top priority for most business persons. Considering that a business burglary actually takes place every 12 seconds in this country its ‘no wonder that safety concerns tops the list of all business owner issues. Safety is such a crucial factor that more and more businesses are turning to top commercial security alarm companies to design and install the newest state-of-the-art security shield possible. Safety concerns have also become a top priority for employees in the wake of mass shootings and high visible crimes taking place on their doorsteps in every major city in America. Keeping and attracting highly valued employees is a critically important factor for the growth of any business and minimizing business risk to crime is a function of protecting those assets. Implementing proper security measures like electronic card access and gate operating devices for buildings and properties is a security step in the right direction. When was the last time you looked at your security apparatus and were afraid that dangerous happenings occurring all around you were all too commonplace and pose a potential and possibly immediate threat to your business and employees.

Security Steps you just can’t take for Granted

These are a few steps a strong commercial security partner would recommend you consider implementing right now to protect your business from illegal and unwanted entry, burglary, vandalism and security threats:

  1. Consider taking a security layered approach to your business security shield:The harder an intruder must work to gain access to your building, the better the chance they will abort their attempts. Implementing a series of interior and exterior security measures is the best guard against unauthorized persons entry.
  2. Shore up all windows, doors and entry paths: Intruders will search for way to gain entry into your building besides front doors. Make sure all access points are constructed from materials equipped with security devices.
  3. 3. Replace traditional key entry with an access control system or electronic card access. Keys change hands fifty times a day and you never know who’s hands they might end up in. Having an electronic record of who gains access to your building, floors and secured areas is an important step towards securing your business. Having the confidence that only authorized personnel will be able to use electronic cards provided is security in your hand.
  4. Consider using a gate operating device for secured parking lots and parking garage access. Public space parking can be identified but employees and authorized quests need parking accommodations in a secured environment.
  5. Install flood lighting which is both economical and efficient in protecting access and space needed to be well-lit. This is a relatively cheap security measure but nothing lights up a facility especially after-hours like a good set of flood lamps.
  6. Install a commercial grade alarm system. There are many different levels of security measures one can employ. Fire alarm safety and a general security apparatus are the first steps toward 24-hour protection. But most businesses require additional protection provided by CCTV, Videofied products/motion detectors and fire suppression systems.
  7. Choose the right security partner to monitor the system. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial and high-end residential security company with over 40 years of experience. We are large enough to handle any commercial, warehousing or industrial security task and provide individualized service on a one to one basis. No building, high rise, government agency, military complex or telecommunications hub is outside our theatre of expertise. Professionally trained technicians and monitoring personnel ready to assist you in the event of an alarm or emergency.

Why ESI, Emergency Systems Inc?

ESI is a sophisticated security company, with highly trained technicians and a trusted partner to 1000’s of customers, home and office, government, military, industrial and enterprise entities in North Central and North Florida. We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced, commercial grade security products second to none, that are both affordable and adaptable to any security application. Our website, Getesi.Com is the gateway to our product mix, services and credentials. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free security evaluation of your home or office. Our products are UL approved and we carry many unique security shields for applications including: Cellular Boasting/SureCall, Silent Hold-up and Panic Alarms, Senior/Adult Alert and Security Products and Pendants, Fence Perimeter Security, IP Monitoring and much, much more.