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CCTV and Security Cameras are a potent Combination

Most businesses today take their security very seriously, from monitoring the movement of employees to having real time video access of their premises. But CCTV’s and security camera equipment like the new Videofied Systems, putting video functionality in a stand-alone motion detector, provide much more than video architecture and peace of mind. With today’s technology, many business owners are using these devices as both preventative as well as providing “surveillance intelligence”, meaning accessing potential security threats before they happen. What does your security apparatus look like and are you prepared to provide security for any before time, real time or after time event, which may befall you?  Insuring a record is preserved is important but employing advanced security measures as a secondary level of security is something all companies need, but many company don’t have.

What you See is Not only, what you Get

How many security measure scenarios do CCTV and video feeds really provide, other than a video record? Let’s just start with employees, friends, and visiting associates. Keeping a watchful eye on employees does more than just provide protection in case of intrusion or robbery. Humans always act better and are on their good behavior when “big brother” is watching them. They take more punctual breaks while engaging in lawful and uneventful activities, are less likely to harass a co-worker, spend less time at the water cooler, follow company policies and procedures, stay focused on task performance and are less likely to commit acts of stupidity, such as removal of inventory, miss use of company resources etc. Just having security cameras switched on, without monitoring causes most people to realize they are on “Candid Camera”. Being on means they in turn are on to more productive things for the company, adding to their careers and setting the right example for new employees. Deterrence is a word that fits many situations not just potential threats from outside your organization. Next, we look at a secondary employee, vendor, or contract worker. Having a security camera is an important feature when assessing not only job performance but utilization of time spent on the job performing work. Many thefts are the result of contract workers gaining access to businesses, performing contract work such as plumbing and electrical, contract employees or temporary workers who identifying potential items of value and return at a later time to enact the crime.

Often times, workers perform acts of vandalism or unintentionally break or destroy items of value. Cameras record the acts proving negligence and responsibility.  Insurance premiums are predicated on what could be called, advanced risk, the potential of access to a controlled facility by persons unsupervised, putting the property in jeopardy. Security surveillance can also reduce premiums with many carriers. Premises monitoring is of course not just limited to indoor but with advanced technology, already available, warehouse perimeters, parking lots, construction sites and almost any outdoor setting can be viewed, and inspected with clarity. Suspicious persons of interest can be identified by their activities while visiting your premises. Where these people go, what they look at while they are there, and what they do, as in items they gravitate too, can sometimes uncover suspicious intentions on their part.

Shoplifters, persons of interest looking at CCTV placement or camera investigations to see if in fact they are operable, can signal a warning something is up. Many a security guard has been given advanced warning by a monitored view of activities, about to take place. Additionally, an astute business owner can record and review non-nefarious activities such as what customers are buying, new product inspections, shopping patterns or even special displays that caught their attention. Great behavioral information that can be used to adapt, change or enhance marketing techniques. Last, but not least for many business owners is the ability to not only view CCTV cameras and surveillance devices in shop, but also on cellular phones and remote computers. This 24-hour access is one more way a multiple of people and resources are available, at command, to utilize CCTV and Video Surveillance to its fullest degree.

WHY ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.?

So, when you hear the term CCTV or security cameras in use, you will probably think that the device is much, much, more than just a security measure imposed to add an additional layer of security. These security components are an integral part of any well design security measure, and they are a contributing security resource helping businesses protect what matter most to them. Employees, contractors, vendors and customers all have something in common which every prudent businessman wants to protect. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been providing commercial customers in Central, North Central and North Florida award winning security products and services for almost 40 years. Let one of our security specialists consult with your business on protecting your assets by designing a security system to fit your individual needs. Call us today at 904-388-3975 or visit us on the web at for a complete list of our products and services…

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