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Video Surveillance Protection

Video Surveillance Protection

If you are like most business owners, offering premise protection is the number one way to secure your valuables, employees and customers. From construction sites, retail shops, merchandising, warehouses, restaurants and even schools and public buildings, video surveillance is the best and most a cost-effective tool in preventing, detecting and insuring against property loss. Most of the property that is stolen, is not done at the hands of a gun or other weapon, but is property loss committed by motivated individuals who for one reason or another feel compelled to steal. It is estimated that 1/3 of all non-lethal crimes, crimes committed without the use of a lethal weapon, involve persons with depression or other psychological disorders. Most of these crimes involve property theft or shoplifting everything from over-the-counter drugs and personal items, alcohol, groceries; including meats and staple goods, high-end clothing and apparel, to electronic items and even tools. Petty crime and property loss account for the majority of crimes committed in this country. It is also estimated that 1 in 10 individuals who enter your establishment have shoplifted or will shoplift in their life time, and that includes customers as well as employees. Making theft prevention your number one priority is essential from keeping items literally from being stolen of your shelves. Additionally, there are peak-seasonal crimes taking items such as toys, beach wear and even recreational products, stolen during the summertime season. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a Jacksonville security and alarm company specializing in creating safe and secured business environments.

ESI’s Advice: Invest in theft prevention, video surveillance devices that can protect your inventoried valuables.

Theft Prevention Measures

Any good security analysis begins with a “threat assessment” that includes vulnerable, high risk areas and identifies any security breach possibilities. At ESI, our highly trained security technicians have worked with every type of commercial business, assessing their individual security needs. We have included the following type businesses, to show vulnerabilities and opportunities where security breaches might be possible:

Restaurants: Food establishments, including fast-food, specialty and traditional restaurants are easy targets for robbery. Having untraceable cash on hand is always a good lure for thieves and back door operations are soft targets for product theft like perishables and other items.

Retail Outlets: The largest category of supply-side stores is all lumped together in what is commonly referred to as retail. From convenience stores, gas stations, clothing and accessory, big box stores, liquor and jewelry, and even supermarkets, retail stores have two major vulnerabilities, limited staffing and cash on hand. These two factors when combined with the abundant number of retail outlets, operational for many hours a day, makes them especially vulnerable and it’s easy to see why there are the number one robbery source in this country.

Construction Sites: As the economy grows, so does the number of sites where construction is taking place to fulfill the needed businesses, supplying new demand. From commercial build-outs to general construction, unsupervised sites that contain expensive equipment and supplies are very attractive to individuals and even some workers.

Warehouse, Distribution and Transport Sites: These types of businesses have many things in common, including large areas to secure, highly valuable inventory, unlimited employee access and long hours on non-operational structure. The quote “insider job” is a reality due to the low wage and often unsupervised labor force needed to move, secure and transport large amounts of product and materials.

Reducing Your Risk of Theft

First and foremost, having an analysis of your properties security needs to reduce its vulnerability to robbery and theft. Second, identify all of the soft spots including access, lighting, hidden or blind areas, facility management, and existing alarm and security measures.

Why ESI?

Any good security plan starts with a security and alarm analysis performed by an experienced and knowledgeable provider. ESI has a proven track record of almost 40 years, servicing 1000’s of satisfied customers in Central and North Florida. We have invested in a highly trained and customer centric staff, offering award-winning service, local monitoring and the best most advanced products from industry leading manufactures, all at affordable prices. Go to our website at for all of the products and services we provide or call us today at 904-388-3975 and let one of our knowledgeable staff answer any of your security questions.

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