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Fire Prevention Month

A Cause for Concern

October is fire prevention month and as such, this is a great time to think about the damage fires cause and about fire safety in general. The Florida State Firefighters Association is urging all Floridians to take precautions now before the winter months come and that means reviewing basic fire tips and reviewing fire prevention equipment. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are most homeowners and businessmen’s first line of defense when it comes to dealing with the potential outbreak of fires. The newest smoke alarms are now equipped with a sealed-in 10-year battery which is non-removable. When the batteries diminish to the point they need to be replaced an alarm goes off and the smoke detector is then replaced with a new one. These smoke detectors are almost impossible to disable and are a good starting point for identifying smoke and fire breakouts. Most fatal fires occur after midnight making escape a limited opportunity before smoke or fire may overcome an individual. Due to the type of construction most homes have, fires spread quickly and this, in turn, makes the window of opportunity short. Additionally, according to the National Fire Protection Association deaths that occur in residential dwellings from fires occur in 3 out of 5 houses equipped with either no smoke detectors or ones that are not in working condition and are rendered useless. In addition to identifying a fire is in progress, families need to have a fire escape plan in the event a fire were to break out. This activity can save lives and allow homeowners time to notify first responders. According to Harvey Hudgins, owner/operator of ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. one of Jacksonville’s largest and oldest security companies, smoke alarms that are not monitored by a professional security company are only good when someone is around to hear them. If there is a fire and no one is monitoring the premises, emergency first responders cannot be dispatched to respond. Monitored smoke detectors are an integral part of an effective security shield every home, office, commercial structure or vacant building should be equipped with.  Fire extinguishers that are required in commercial buildings need to be reviewed and inspected yearly according to municipal code. Homeowners should review their fire extinguishers for expiration dates and pressure. It is a good idea for all homeowners to have a fire extinguisher in their garage, kitchen, and basement if they have one, where electronic equipment or gas appliance are being used.

Fire Alarm Companies Do It All

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been providing commercial and high-end residential customers security equipment and security shields to the North Central and North Florida area for almost 40 years. We specialize in the design, installation, repair, and monitoring of state-of-the-art affordable security systems. Our American made products are second to none in the security industry. We also carry top-of-the-line commercial grade imported equipment from companies like Bosch. We provide fire alarm, burglar alarm, silent and panic alarms, fire suppression and sprinkler systems, keyless entry/access control devices, gate operational devices, CCTV, video surveillance, cellular boosting with advanced SureCall technology, motion detection and the newest video/motion activated product call Videofied, and monitoring centers equipped with the latest and most highly trained technicians available. Give us a call for a free home or office inspection to ensure your fire protection plan and security shield is providing you with the best protection money can buy. Our security technicians are available to answer any question, design any application your premises warrants. Call 904-388-3975 for a free security evaluation. Visit our website @ GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our products and services.