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What Should You Expect from your Commercial Fire Alarm Company

Fire alarm devices and applications have been in existence now for almost 70 years and in all that time, manufacturers and commercial fire alarm companies have made significant advances in the detection and prevention of smoke and fire break-outs. No longer is a fire alarm device simply an audible alarm as these detection systems are far more advanced and reliable security structures that can operate in all types of weather, mishaps and power supply usages failures. These technological innovations are capable of notifying monitoring stations and first responders faster than ever before. Fire alarm devices do much more than just detect fire and smoke and reliable commercial fire alarm companies are at the threshold of implementing these innovations as quickly as they come online. A good first-line-defense to fire and smoke break-out safety is implementing a fire plan and safety steps that must be betaken to ensure your system is working properly and provides adequate protection. That plan starts with routine false alarm activations and coordination of all personnel that could be affected. Activating a “notified” false alarm will ensure each and every device and emergency lighting is operational. Secondly, having an evacuation plan that is both organized and monitored will ensure if a real fire were to break-out personnel will exit your facility safely. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. a leader in the design, repair, monitoring and installation of fire alarm equipment also recommend that facilities maintain their yearly inspections as required by code, performed by a licensed commercial fire alarm company. Additionally, all fire suppression systems including sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm devices need to be inspected and replaced when needed.

What are some of the Advancements made to Fire Alarm Systems?

Fire alarms have come a long way over the years and now include a variety of applications only a few years ago were unimaginable.

EVACS – Voice evacuation devices are an “Emergency Voice Alarm Communication System” that delivers real-time or pre-recorded voice messages when the fire alarm system is activated. These messages direct personnel to exists, remind the dangers associated with elevators and can even direct evacuees away from smoke and fire intrusion as it occurs. If the visually impaired are present, a real-time voice that is monitoring the alarm system can have a significant effect on safety measures being implemented.

ASD– Aspirating Smoke Detectors is a detection system used in an active fire protection plan. These systems are usually employed in data centers, clean rooms and computer rooms where early detection of smoke is necessary to protect assets. The interesting way that these systems work is that they continually draw air through a central detection unit that detects the presence of smoke particles and dust which is suspended and which scatters light in a detection chamber. Detecting the presence of smoke can be achieved before even the human eye or a traditional fire alarm system can detect that smoke is present.

CO – Carbon Monoxide has been referred to as the ‘silent killer” because it is a colorless and odorless gas that is omitted by poorly vented appliances and combustion engine emissions. The most up-to-date fire alarm systems can employ a CO detector to alert the presence of unsafe Carbon Monoxide levels.

Why Choose ESI for all your Fire Alarm Needs

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has for almost 40 years provided the commercial and high-end residential customer with unsurpassed value and service you should expect from a security company. Serving North Central and North Florida with security shields that include fire, burglar, fire suppression, CCTV’s, video surveillance, motion detection, silent and panic alarms, cellular boosting, local monitoring and much, much more. We are an award-winning, “security manufacturers” first choice in providing cost-effective design, installation, repair and monitoring commercial security services. Our security technicians are highly trained and professional experts ready to assist you with your build-out, re-fit or any other security systems designed to give you maximum protection. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free estimate on your next project. Visit our website for a list of all our services and credentials @ GetEsi.Com