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Home Security During the Summer Months

If you are like most homeowners, summertime in Florida can mean many different things including taking vacations, caring for school-aged children at home, remote family get-together and for some, an extended trip to a summer home away from the heat and humidity. Anytime someone has to leave their home for any period of time, there is a renewed concern of a break-in, storms causing significant damage, or worse a fire breakout. Increased break-ins that occur during the summer months are not the only issues one might face living in North Florida.

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. Jacksonville’s security alarm specialist, we understand that things can happen when you least expect them especially when no one’s home to prevent or manage any occurrence of trouble. That is where we come in, to manage all of the security issue events that could take place while you are away. Home security systems are only as good as the latest security technology used, components manufactured for commercial use only, installed by trained technicians, and professionally monitored by highly skilled personnel.  This is why we at ESI are very sensitive to homeowners leaving their homes at this time of the year and the problems that could arise. Just knowing that a security alarm provider is diligently protecting what you hold most dear is a comfort that only a professional security alarm company in Jacksonville Fl can provide.

So, what are the best precautions one might take in addition to having a security alarm partner actively on the job?

  1. Purchase timers for lights to go on and off at regular intervals and hours.
  2. Direct someone to either pick up daily mail deliveries or contact the post office to temporarily forward mail.
  3. Contact trusted neighbors about your extended absence.
  4. Lock and secure all access doors and windows to home and garage.
  5. Have a reliable lawn service to maintain grounds weekly.
  6. If you have an extra car, leave it in the driveway in plain sight.
  7. Turn off water at the main to protect from flooding.
  8. Turn off the water heater to cut down on electric bills.
  9. Secure all outdoor furniture and removal of fixtures like umbrellas, hot tub covers, and bird feeders from becoming flying projectiles in case of high winds from storms.

Most importantly, choose the right professional security alarm company to monitor the dwelling. 

Why Choose ESI for All Your Home Security Alarm Needs?

For over 40 years, ESI has been providing professional security alarm protection for home, office, retail businesses, commercial properties, construction job sites, financial institutions, governmental agencies and industrial complexes. We are more than just another commercial or residential security alarm company in Jacksonville Fl, we consult, design, install, repair, and even expand security alarm shields for every type of residential and commercial application.

We have a security alarm product to fit any situation or need including access control/keyless entry systems, cellular boosting, CCTV systems, video monitoring, motion detection, fire, smoke, and water breakout alarms, water suppression/sprinkler systems, and fire-retardant technology, silent and panic alarms, gate operating devices, fence and perimeter security, IP Internet monitoring, specialized professionally regulated business security applications and most importantly, professional monitoring. Our security alarm technicians are the most highly trained and dedicated professionals in the business. Our commercial-grade security alarm products are manufactured by some of the world’s most highly respected companies.

We offer free, no-obligation security consultations, and our customer service ratings are the best in class. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 to discuss your security alarm needs today.