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How Do I Know What Type of Security Alarm System I Really Need for my Business or Home?

At ESI, Emergency Systems, Inc., our 40 years of working with thousands of small businesses and the top 30 security alarm manufacturers, have enabled us to develop security strategies combating everything from employee theft, and shoplifting to smash-and-grab thefts and after-hour break-ins. Additionally, we have designed and installed thousands of residential homes with affordable security alarm shields, second to none.

Most consumers think of ESI as Jacksonville’s premier commercial alarm company but the truth is we service the needs of both consumers and business operators looking to protect their most precious assets whether that is a family member, employee, or customer.

Choosing the Right Security System for Your Specific Needs

It’s important to choose the right security shield for your business, home, or office especially when meeting state requirements in a regulated industry such as a commercial dwelling. It’s also important to get the most value and protection for your investment, and that should include professional monitoring as well. Security systems can be somewhat limited in scope and go just so far in preventing, detecting, and detouring a security breach. Additionally, having the right local monitoring services means alerting emergency services such as police or first responders when that breach is an active intrusion or fire or smoke event.  To handle these types of emergencies properly, you need a highly experienced and professionally trained monitoring staff, which is as important as the security system itself.

Let’s Talk Commercial Applications

Due to the compliance needs of this industry, the security system must do more than just protect against a crime being committed. The States of Florida and Georgia require a compliance verification system and the design elements including the equipment used, and the placement of the system employed which is critical to following their strict guidelines to prove compliance is being met.

Unlike many businesses, some governmental and military structures, computer safe rooms, and highly valued properties like banks and jewelry stores are high-stakes operations and specific compliance with regulations is essential. For instance, video cameras and video surveillance must be able to detect any security breach and can never be down for any reason on some properties for insurance reasons. Commercial security providers like ESI are responsible for reporting any outages that might take place in the event of a system failure. That is why it so important to have a security expert installing UL-approved devices and provide professional monitoring as well.

With our central 24-hour monitoring station staffed with highly trained personnel equipped to handle any security breach detection, our security alarm shields are among the most sound available today.

Let’s Talk Protecting Homeowners and Their Families

ESI is a fully licensed and insured professional security provider that meets all Florida and Georgia requirements. Our security technicians actually design security systems that exceed state requirements ensuring you are getting the best possible protection, in compliance, at the best possible price. Most homeowners are looking for a security alarm system that meets their individual lifestyle. That might be a hardwired system with simple window and door components and might include motion detection and video surveillance.

It could also mean a state-of-the-art security system with keyless entry ports, and smart technology that can handle all of the electronic devices installed and have wireless functionality.

When investing in these types of systems, every component including the security system itself, the server, the power supply, and back-up systems all need to be meticulously designed and installed by a security expert. These security systems components also have to be specifically selected to meet an individual’s requirements.

The more experienced your security provider, the better. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has over 40 years of experience in engineering security systems tailored to meet homeowners’ needs, commercial requirements, and governmental state and, in some cases, federal guidelines.

Don’t pay for a security system that is not tailored to your specific needs. Always inquire about the security company’s experience installing systems for any type of residential or commercial application. Even heavily regulated industries, understand and are familiar with specific state requirements.

Employ a Security Company Experienced with Regulated Security Systems-Make Sure You Understand all the Security Options Available.

You Probably Have Many Questions

Is there room to expand as my needs change?

Does the provider use only, commercial grade components especially when employing security cameras, or CCTV products.

Will the company not only stand behind all of their products and services, but comply with warrantees?

Are your monitoring services really above all industry standards?

Can I restrict access to my facility without disruption?

Is ESI the best security alarm company in Jacksonville Fl?

And do they have transparency in all transactions from initial design and installation thru ongoing monitoring and beyond?

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