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At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we have been serving the needs of homeowners looking for security alarm services for over 40 years. Since 1979, ESI has been designing custom security alarm shields for residential consumers looking to protect their homes, families, and possessions. We have also been very conscious about what our customers tell us about our services, and how we can improve and deliver the very best product for the lowest price possible. Our customers are looking for the best security alarm company in Jacksonville FL because that is of major concern.  

We found that our homeowners typically have various opinions and feedback about our security offerings based on their personal experiences. We also understand that the perception of a great security company can vary from person to person, but there are some common things that homeowners tend to say about top-rated security alarm companies like ESI.


First and foremost, are we reliable? We say what we are going to do and stand behind our work. Homeowners appreciate a security company that is reliable and responsive. They want to know that their security system will work when needed and that our company will respond promptly to any alerts or issues. Our response time to alarms is one of the fastest in the business.

Second is our customer service offerings. This is not a surprise to us. Excellent customer service is highly valued. Homeowners want to deal with friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can assist with any questions or concerns. We have literally spent 100’s of thousands of dollars over the years, hiring, training, and evaluating our service representatives on an ongoing basis.

Good Reputation: Positive reviews and recommendations from friends and neighbors often carry a lot of weight. Homeowners are more likely to trust security companies with a solid reputation and after 40 years in the business, we have countless residential, commercial, and governmental customer references.

We have then narrowed it down to two different items about the security alarm products themselves. We know homeowners prefer a security system that is user-friendly and easy to operate. They appreciate that we provide clear instructions on how to operate and have ongoing support for using their security equipment. They also want a customized security system to meet their individual needs and preferences, not some cookie-cutter offering of 2 doors, a motion detector, and a camera. Our homeowners appreciate that we offer a wide range of options and flexibility in designing their security setup.  Many homeowners look for a security company like ESI that offers cutting-edge technology, such as smart home integration, mobile apps for remote monitoring, and advanced sensors and cameras. We only invest in the best, most advanced technology by some of the world’s leading security alarm manufacturers.

Monitoring Services is next on the list. Effective 24/7 monitoring services are critical. Homeowners want to feel confident that their security company will respond to alarms and alerts promptly and appropriately and provide a quick response to emergencies in the event of a security breach. Our customers expect that we will respond quickly and efficiently especially if law enforcement or emergency services are needed. We also have many different types of monitored products, from basic security alarms to products like Deep Sentinel which has many varied and advanced security offerings.

Last but certainly not least is affordability: While quality and reliability are essential, homeowners also want security services that fit within their budget. Affordable pricing and flexible payment options are the backbone of our business. We offer total transparency in pricing and contracts. Our customers understand the costs involved, contract terms, and any potential fees or penalties that could arise.


At ESI, we know that homeowners want a security company that provides peace of mind, protects their property and loved ones, and offers good value for their investment. If you are considering a security company, it’s essential to do the research and find one that aligns with your specific needs and priorities. Homeowners prefer a security company with a local presence, that has years of experience serving the general public as they feel that local companies are more invested in their community and provide more personalized service.

That is what ESI is all about. Service, unmatched products, and value. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free security alarm consultation to discuss your unique needs.