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Let’s Talk About Office Fire Safety

Even with the recent pandemic issues temporarily changing office environments we thought it important to talk about office fire safety. For many of us, office work amounts up to over 1/3 of our lives and probably will again for most of us when we return to the workplace. The most dangerous condition and security concern that can threaten an office environment is not an intrusion, but actually a fire and/or smoke breakout. Hundreds of thousands of individual American workers at one time or another have been affected by an office fire, with billions of dollars of damages at stake. Hopefully, if you work in an office large or small there is a workplace fire plan in place and each worker knows what to do in the event of a smoke or fire breakout. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we are the largest and most advanced security alarm company in North Florida and have been designing, installing, and even repairing fire alarm systems for over 40 years. Our fire alarm and sprinkler system inventory installations include just about every type of building, business, and fire protection application. From retail space to restaurants, residential homes to industrial complexes, we have secured them all.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)- Critical Thinking

Every business regardless of the size, complexity or even the installation layout must have an emergency action plan should a fire or smoke breakout develop. Every employee regardless of tenure is responsible for learning how to evacuate the building and ensure everyone is safe and out of harm’s way. Most municipalities have fire drill requirements so that anyone within a building is familiar with the evacuation layout and exit strategy. These plans call for routinely conducted fire drills so that in the event of a fire everyone is cognizant of the plan. So, what should an EAP consist of? First, a layout of the building should be posted on all floors with emergency evacuation instructions noted. The plan calls for designated emergency evacuation exits and routes. Second, a consistent method to notify all building occupants using alarms such as sirens, flashing lights, audio warnings, hallways equipped with emergency lighting, and supervisory evacuation personnel. Third, procedures to assist anyone with a disability. Forth, all electronic detection security mechanisms are equipped with an alarm alert to first-responders and monitoring personnel. The plan should also have a procedure to account for everyone in the building at any given time and an outside rallying point to determine if everyone is present.

Why Choose ESI for Your Fire Alarm Security Supplier?

ESI is the commercial and high-end residential security alarm leader on the First Coast. We have over 40 years of knowledge and experience with every type of security alarm need including fire alarms, water suppression sprinkler systems, burglar, panic and silent alarms, CCTV and video surveillance, access control/keyless entry systems, gate operating devices, and much more. We only employ commercial-grade security alarm equipment developed and manufactured by the world’s leading suppliers. We offer affordable, custom-designed security alarm shields for any building application. State-of-the-art security products that can solve any security problem such as low cellular transmission employing boosting technology, portable video transmissions in a motion detector (Videofied), and perimeter surveillance for industrial and manufacturing properties. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation security consultation provided by the most highly skilled security technicians in the business. Our local monitoring stations are equipped with the most modern technology and staffed by highly trained and experienced security personnel to ensure your facilities are secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.