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Maintaining Smoke Detectors

Consumers understand that hard-wired installed smoke detectors are an integral part of any viable security apparatus. It is a must to protect against a smoke and fire break-out in your home, office, retail business, or warehouse. Detecting smoke is an invaluable early warning signal of a fire breakout, saving property, lives, and money. But how many smoke detectors are either non-operational, not professionally monitored, or long overdue for maintenance. With Jacksonville’s new fire codes on commercial buildings, smoke detectors are electronically installed but what happens when the batteries die or the power goes out. Is your smoke detector professionally monitored to keep you informed of its status? Initial warning signs of a properly working smoke detector are that annoying chirping sound that these devices emit when the batteries need replacing or the system is offline. But is that all that is needed to ensure a proper warning if a fire occurs. That early detection might mean the difference between security and failure.

Regular Smoke Detector Maintenance

Smoke detectors are like any mechanical device that can malfunction at any time leaving your property venerable to a fire event. Making sure installed smoke detectors are operating properly is an important step in securing your property, family, employees, and even assets.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in the commercial and high-end residential security field and we recommend the following safety tips on making sure your smoke detectors are operating at maximum efficiency.

  1. Test your smoke detectors a minimum of once a month: Testing your smoke detectors monthly will identify any potential problems that could develop. This performance test is accomplished by activating the button that is visible at the bottom of the smoke detector. When activated an alarm should sound ensuring that the smoke detector is working properly.
  2.  Replace smoke detectors battery at least once a year: Battery freshness is always a concern and since batteries have a limited life needing replacement depending on their age and the usage that has occurred.
  3. Clean the smoke detector yearly: All commercial buildings and homes acquire dust and often-times the smoke detector is the last thing to be inspected. Excess dust caused by years of accumulation can cause your smoke detector to malfunction.
  4. Smoke Detector Replacement: If you have old smoke detectors that were installed more than 3 years ago it is probably time to invest in new ones. The industry average for a smoke detector life expectancy is between 3-5 years.
  5. Being Cheap when it comes to installing smoke detectors: With so much riding on the function of a smoke detector, buy the best one available. There are many brands to choose from but only buy the best.

Smoke Detector Placement

Most smoke detectors can be easily staged throughout the building or home but unless they are placed by a professional security company like ESI, they could be in the wrong positions. Inexperienced business or homeowners might be placing these devices where there are not achieving maximum efficiency.

ESI, recommends the following strategic positions for placing of smoke detectors:

  1. For businesses always install smoke detectors in areas where there is a high concentration of people and traffic.
  2. Always install detectors near cooking appliances or where open flames might be used. Smoke detectors should be placed at least 10 feet away from stoves reducing the chance of a false alarm from casual smoke.
  3. Businesses that share a common area with another business, should have smoke detectors installed in those areas.
  4. Install smoke detectors near hot water heaters, dryers, or where gas appliances are used.
  5. Install detectors in hallways, bedrooms, stairwells leading to basements or attics, in and around kitchens, living rooms and don’t forget garages. Always install smoke detectors upstairs as well as in downstairs areas.
  6. Where there are high ceilings, mount the detectors no more than 12 inches from the ceiling.
  7. Keep smoke detectors away from doors and windows where open drafts could impede performance.

Your best choice is having a qualified security company like ESI install an interconnected smoke detection system for maximum fire and smoke protection efficiency. ESI’s professionally trained security technicians will be glad to show you how these systems work and the efficiency derived from this type of security arrangement.

Consider ESI for all Your Security Needs

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