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New Year’s Resolution-Security

2018 New Year’s Resolution

Starting off the New Year’s right is something everyone wants to take advantage of. Many people believe starting life in a new year is like getting a second chance.  But if you’re like most people, making New Year’s resolutions, that sustains our interest in something which we deem important, is like renewing one’s immediate goals. News Year’s resolutions are usually personal in nature and often-times range from everything including losing weight, giving up smoking, stopping or reducing the amount of alcohol we drink and changing bad habits, to renewing old relationships and making sure we can really make a difference in someone’s life. But how many of us take time to think about those things around us that we often take for granted, things that can have a direct effect on whether we will be able to act upon our New Year’s Resolutions in the first place. Personal security is an important task that we all must take very seriously. For ourselves and our families, for our customers and employees, nothing is as important as a security shield that protects the most important things in life: other people, property and the general welfare. New Years is an occasion that many of us truly resolve to do something different in our lives. Protecting our homes and businesses can really make a difference in whether the New Year is prosperous and safe for all.

How ESI Can Help With Your Security!

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a licensed and experienced commercial and high-end residential security company serving the North Florida area for almost 40 years. We understand that this is an excellent time of the year for looking back and forward and reviewing the security measures we have in place to protect the things we love. Criminal activities are becoming more and more sophisticated and the best time to ensure your security systems are up to the challenge of breaches and threats is before they happen. Most businesses have a security plan in place but has the equipment and the overall plan become obsolete. Does a burglar only have to penetrate a few wires and a phone line to cause your business or home to become a vulnerable target. If you employ a security shield that is not resistant to these new attacks, do you need a completely new security system or can certain elements be converted, saving you time and expense. These and many more security questions can be answered by only a phone call away. If you haven’t looked into what the security industry has been developing over the last few years you might be missing out on the most important security components your protective shield might need. Live video feeds hidden inside motion detectors that can generate a verifiable alarm in progress. Having the ability to turn on and off security structures from anywhere in the world there is cellular service. Instant notifications of employees coming and going or having the ability to control access to individuals at a moments notice. Technology for providing valuable security is what ESI is all about. Visit our website at for a complete line of security products, services and repairs available. We employ the smartest and best trained security technicians in the business, with years of experience and a customer service and local monitoring center, second to none. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975. We take the worry out of providing security protection.