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Security Alarm System Protection for Small Businesses

Here at ESI, Emergency Systems Inc, we love small, medium, and even large businesses. Though we understand that small businessmen or women are the backbone of our economies, and our businesses we offer many options to fit their model. For that unique reason, we wanted to talk about how commercial security alarm systems in Jacksonville Fl can help the small entrepreneur.  Despite what many think, small business security alarm systems feature the same power and features as their large business counterparts.

Intrusion Alarm Protection

It’s interesting that there are specific security devices that were designed and manufactured specifically for small businesses and office settings due to the likelihood of intruder premise penetration.

Intrusion is just as much a problem for small businesses as it is for large ones. Interestingly, the solutions are the same as well! 

An intrusion security alarm device allows us to not only detect a problem but also the ability to monitor your property in the event one should take place.

Since intrusions are the number one security risk suffered by businesses, it’s not uncommon to develop strategies to enhance their detection keeping your property, people, and product safe and secure.

Intrusion Alarm Devices

Detection devices we recommend at ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. included in our complete commercial business security systems should include:

  • Door Contacts
  • Motion Sensors
  • Photoelectric Beams (often used for large spaces like storage yards or warehouses)
  • Glass-break Detectors
  • Holdup Buttons/Panic and Silent Alarms
  • Video Surveillance

Access Control Devices

Access Control/Keyless Entry Systems for Small Business

Access control is the safety initiative that should be installed where small businesses can practice a bit more discretion. Access control is crucial for the physical security of a business and building deciding who has control to get in and when. A simple key and lock device doesn’t provide the fine-tuning that a real access control system does.

Typically, small businesses don’t have as many different openings within the business structure or areas in their business space so do they really need as robust an access control system, yes.

Video Surveillance Devices

Video Surveillance for Small Business Applications

Video surveillance is one of the most powerful tools a small business can utilize. A professionally, well-designed video surveillance system is comprised of HD-quality IP cameras that can cover every angle of your business, providing higher security over the business. Powerful tools for increasing productivity and efficiency of your employees, you’re your processes, and similarly your customer service.

Features of ESI’s video surveillance security systems for businesses should include:

  • Scalable Solutions – install while your business is small, and can grow as your needs grow!
  • Huge range of options
  • Sophisticated Software, simple to use
  • Long Range Video Detection
  • Wireless Video Detection Systems options
  • Remote Access from anywhere using wireless
  • Even Cloud Recording

Why Choose ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.?

Business Security Systems for Florida Businesses, Small or Large

When you’re searching for the best in small business security alarm systems in Jacksonville Fl, and the surrounding areas, ESI is here to help.

We have only covered just a few of the “Big Picture” services we offer to keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly and operating in a safe manner.

ESI also provides automation and fire safety services. We deliver state-of-the-art security solutions and have for over 40 years.

Our easy-to-use security systems employ advanced technology to deliver a higher level of protection, for your customers, your employees, your assets, and property. These are ESI solutions to the age-old problems of intrusion.

Give ESI a call today if you want to take advantage of a fully automated security system you can control from an online portal or app on your smartphone! Call us at 904-388-3975