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video surveillance camera in commercial building

Security At Its Finest

If you are attracted to the new security technology that is being displayed as in doorbell video cameras and other outdoor security camera setups, then you need to call ESI and ask about our complete line of commercial-grade inventory. We specialize in all types of security and surveillance cameras for any application including entry doors, indoor security protection, and many outdoor security functions. Being able to monitor and having immediate access to a visual picture of things occurring as they are happening is a great tool for a comprehensive security shield.

Let’s talk about outdoor security functions for home, office or retail business. 

Outdoor Security Camera Protection

The most important aspect of utilizing an outdoor security camera is to make sure you acquire a commercial-grade-only camera. The online or big box store varieties are a cheap imitation of the real thing. Why is it important to spend a few dollars more because outdoor cameras need to be constructed for durability in all types of weather conditions and length of use? Industry standards and the construction components including hard-shell, waterproofing, commercial camera lens quality, and settings, options all contribute to a successful product, especially one used outdoors.

Outdoor Security Camera Placement

One of the most critical considerations for optimizing an outdoor security camera system structure is in the placement of the cameras. Housing units only offer a certain amount of protection from the elements and utilizing overhangs or installing additional protection from the elements not only extends the life of the cameras but the clarity and field of view as well.

Outdoor Security Camera Tampering

To reduced tampering, cameras need to placed in an out-of-reach position so that tampering with, damage, or destroying is reduced. Security cameras need to be positioned in such a way that they can also be disguised or hidden from view. Many security cameras are small and can be installed without easy detection occurring. Having the knowledge and experience to position outdoor cameras is an exact trade, performed best by professionals.

Wireless Security Camera Options

Anytime a security component can be installed without the use of wires that is another factor in its ability to withstand detection and disarmament. Circumventing a security component is the easiest way to interrupt the security shield. These wireless systems are not only easier to install but are much more portable and utilitarian for many uses including for home surveillance, business protection, construction oversite and office and parking lot applications.

Wireless Security Camera Defenses

Only commercial-grade security cameras have the ability to detect if the unit is being tampered with in a variety of ways. For instance, let’s say an intruder covers the lens, hits or moves the focus or camera’s aim or projection, or interrupts the power, an automatic alert can be sent to the portal, monitoring service, or app with cellular phone connectivity. Another consideration is the recommended change in the factory password default, as experienced online hackers can remotely breach the system.

Why Choose ESI for all Your Security Needs?

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is an award-winning security alarm company servicing the residential, commercial, governmental, and industry security alarm needs of our customers for over 40 years. We have single-handedly changed the security landscape with the most advanced, up-to-date security technology manufactured by the worlds leading technology companies. Give us a call and let one of our highly trained and multi-factory certified technicians give you an honest and affordable estimate of our products and services needed to meet your individual needs. ESI designs custom security alarm shields for any application including high-end residences, banks, office complexes, restaurants, retail space, secured facilities, construction sites, government buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. We specialize in burglar alarms, fire alarms, fire suppression/water sprinkler systems, CCTV’s, security cameras, silent and panic alarms, with local central monitoring station personnel, and much, much, more. Call us at 904-388-3975 for a free onsite consultation.