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Security Where You Worship

 With the world becoming, a more and more dangerous place, locations like churches, considered to be safe havens for spiritual worship are now vulnerable to security breaches, theft, and even invasion. Providing security for both daytime operations and nighttime vacancy of churches is no different than any other business. Churches do however fill many functions as meeting places for worshippers as well as choirs, women and men’s support groups, bible study, daycare, youth groups, community outreach programs, church employees, church administration, civic groups and even exercise classes all given direct access, and in most cases have unlimited admittance to facilities. It’s sad to think in today’s world that this access can cause security issues for participants and grounds officials alike. Having control and monitoring access is a fundamental element to ensuring all who use these facilities are protected and safe. Most churches today operate under the assumption that a locked door and secured window is all the protection anyone can expect a church to have and that is what makes them such easy targets and so vulnerable to those who wish to gain access and commit their nefarious activities.

How Can We Protect Churches and all Places of Worship?

Most churches don’t employ an electronic card access system for opening doors and gaining entrance to the facility. Having an unlimited number of traditional keys, opening and then locking doors is an arduous task for church administrators to keep track of. Because of the logistics involved with most church officials, assigning keys and the responsibilities for them is not the safest and most practical way of allowing access. If one is lost or stolen, duplication is easy and many churches have been robed and items were taken without the slightest idea of who would commit such a heinous crime. Having locks re-keyed is an unnecessary expense that unfortunately does not solve the problem of key entry and its shortcomings. Today, more and more churches are installing keyless entry systems on doors designated to be opened and closed by personnel and visitors alike. These electronic security products are designed to control access and activation and de-activation of cards gives administrators complete control over who has permission, who has gained access and even what parts of a facility have limited access. Website based, software products have the ability to set limits on available times doors can be opened and who can program doors to even lock and unlock automatically. Additionally, having electronic control over locked doors during operational times can reduce any security breach invasion, ambush or similar activity. Specific doors can be installed with video, intercom and can remain locked and secured until officials allow access. Also, many churches are in vulnerable locations throughout the city making them susceptible to frequent requests for bathroom use or providing shelter, causing unsustainable issues of who should be in buildings and who should not.

Why Consider ESI for all Your Security Needs?

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a 40-year security alarm business serving North Central and North Florida businesses and high-end residential customers with affordable keyless entry, access control devices for any application and type of building use. We have been helping churches secure their properties with keyless entry security systems for many years. It has even been reported by some of our church customers that supply room theft and even the amount of paper towels and toilet paper usage has been drastically reduced by installing keyless door panels on stock rooms. Having card readers limiting access to key areas of the church where money, valuable items, and records are stored is essential. Electronic access is a very flexible system that allows officials to grant access permissions to different areas of a building and to different personnel at any time of the day or night. Very easily programmed by trained personnel. ESI is with you every step of the way from designing, purchasing, installation and training. We even repair or update keyless entry systems others have installed. Electronic access is a safe, effective and useful tool churches have to keep their congregations and employees secure. Give ESI a call today at 904-388-3975 and see how affordable and easy it is to install these electronic devices eliminating keys and their limited ability to protect what matters most.

Emergency Systems, Inc. specializes in providing access control solutions that address the security requirements of places of worship.  We have an appreciation of the importance of creating a welcoming environment while keeping premises safe and secure.  Our team of experts will help select the product that best meets your needs and budget, install it, and provide training to ensure your organization gets the most out of its investment.