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Locked Out – Security Words of Wisdom

Jacksonville, like most big cities, has its pluses and minuses when it comes to a safe living environment that most people enjoy either at home, office or while visiting businesses. And while everyone is trying to make a successful living, many times things just get totally out of hand. For instance, has this ever happened to you? Unfortunately, it just happened to this writer and for a few moments, I was frantic about how I was going to resolve the situation without breaking something.

Have you ever locked yourself out of your home or office without the aid of a hidden spare key and no one available to help? What would you do if you found yourself in this similar situation? You’re outside alone but the house keys are still inside and you have just closed and locked the door maybe even turned the security system on? It always happens at the wrong time; on your way to work, a school function or meeting the family at dinner somewhere maybe your favorite restaurant. You were running late and hurrying to get everything done and “boom”, oh no that was really stupid, and to make matters worse I even left my cell phone on the kitchen counter.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. your one-stop-shop for all security alarm related matters, home, office, business, governmental and industrial has a few recommendations if you find yourself in a similar situation. For almost 40 years, ESI has been Jacksonville’s premier security specialists. We take care of the really important things like providing commercial-grade security systems designed and installed by some of the industries most experienced security technicians.

ESI’s Recommendations

We recommend a few simple steps that will help you succeed where others have failed.

First, as my mother would say, count to ten and take a deep breath. This simple but important step when first encountering a stressful situation will allow you to calm down from the initial shock. Lowering your stress level and heart rate will also allow you to think more clearly.

Next, look at the home or office building over to see if there is an open point of entry like an unlocked door or window, maybe a window slightly open where you can gain entry without damaging anything.

Ok, so that didn’t work. Maybe you have always had a safe back-up plan for situations just like this and a trustworthy neighbor has a set of keys. No, well what should we consider next? Of course, if you had your cell phone you could call your wife or kids and help would be on the way. But it’s not available in this situation so that’s a no-go.

Ok, so what are my choices besides broken glass and additional problems I was not ready at all to endure. What about trying to unlock a door or window with something readily available like a small pocket knife or a credit card sliding between the latch and the lock.

Locksmiths are readily available on a moment’s notice for emergencies just like this but how much money is that going to cost you. Probably less than a broken window or damaged door that will have to be re-installed by a professional. So, what is the answer to this dramatic but real situation that happens to people all the time?

ESI’s Security Solution

ESI has the solution and its not revolutionary, just a modern alternative to an age-old problem, lost, damaged, unauthorized duplicated or unavailable keys. We call this the “Smart” Home, Office or Business Solution and it’s more affordable than you would expect.

Keyless entry security systems from ESI are a “Smart Alternative” to traditional latch and key door entry systems. Unlock your door with a few options including an electronic keypad, a phone app accessed from anywhere on the planet there is cellular service or remotely accessed by our monitoring center if you can correctly answer a few simple questions like, what was your 1st-grade teacher’s name. You can even have different multiple access codes so you can tell who is coming and going like your kids, the baby sitter or even the milkman if you assign him one.

Why Choose ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.

 Jacksonville security alarm companies offer many security alarm products and services, but ESI only offers commercial-grade security alarm products manufactured in the US. We provide fire alarm, burglar alarm, video surveillance, perimeter fence, and gate operating devices, silent and panic alarms, motion-detecting, cellular boasting and much more for high-end residential and commercial applications.

ESI’s keyless entry, access control device systems are surprisingly affordable and are a safe, high-tech modern alternative and a much more efficiently designed entry system than lock and keys. And with this type of electronic security or Smart Security Systems, expanding security systems with products like CCTV’s, fire alarms, burglar alarms, or even IP monitoring is a breeze. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation consultation performed by one of our security technicians and see what makes ESI the right choice for all your security needs. Visit our website at GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our services and qualifications.