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Smart Security Systems

The advent of smart security has arrived and has become an affordable alternative to conventional, hardwired, site initiated and disabled security equipment. The slightly increased cost is definitely worth the modest investment for a high-quality security system developed and designed by the most advanced U.S. Manufacturers and all delivered to the North Central and North Florida markets by an established professional security company like ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. These alarm and security shields are advanced technology and for the average consumer sifting through the various products, proposals and offers available is a daunting task even if you just consider reviews and comparison price structure. For the DIY or marginal security company provider, not having proficiency, training, and skill in the design and installation of this technology, the possibility of purchasing the wrong products could end up costing a lot more than purchasing the right products from the right provider in the first place. “…OK”, you may ask yourself, “isn’t it enough to just have a good burglar alarm?” and you might be right from a deterrent standpoint purpose, but would-be intruders have most of these property owners at a major disadvantage. Most hardwire security products are at best, marginal security shields for advanced thieves because of their ability to disable and by-pass system safeguards. Consumers purchasing these alarm products have a better than even chance at intrusion and considering the purchase price and redundant safeguards elements, might not be your best option for the price range.

What Does the Competition in Security Offerings Look Like?

Many times, the so-called professional monitoring and installation security company only install cookie-cutter, one size fits all applications because their business model is based on reoccurring dollars to monitor and some of the marginal security systems, they install give them plenty of action. When you add inexperienced installers who hastily place security equipment in many homes in a day, using low-cost equipment, only intensifies the chance that protection is more a state of mind than a reality. Do it yourself (DIY) non-commercial grade security equipment is even worse because of the manufacturer’s poor quality that only online shoppers and “Big Box” stores carry and these systems are not even sold to low-end professional alarm companies. These systems have attractive features that many consumers find enticing, such as door-bell security cameras that are easily compromised by a bottle of spray paint or are approached from what we call a blind-side and made inactive. Nothing can take the place of a deterrent alarm product, built on a cellular platform that is difficult for even the savviest intruder to detect and disable. These security shields should be monitored by a local professional 24-hour monitoring center like what is offered by ESI. A smart security system not only transmits alarms to a monitoring center but also constantly sends internal system information to the monitoring center, so that we know your system is operating properly. 

What Happens When a Security Alarm Goes Off?

Security alarms are constantly being activated by many factors including forgotten passcodes, animals, motion detector issues, mistaken reactivations, system malfunctions, sensor malfunctions, human error, inexperienced users, water intrusion and of course in some cases even intruders. What will your neighbors do if they hear or see a stranger approach your home or office? Not much in most cases. Even less in busy, over-populated areas, where alarms go off all the time, even some next store. In most cases, people just tune these noises out altogether. The alternative is to purchase a better alarm system in the first place, one that is professionally built to last and installed by a competent security alarm company whose long service to the residential and business community is beyond measure. ESI is such a company and their recommendations for every customer is as unique as the building in which these security shields are installed. Why fool around with outdated security systems with limitations that far exceed the price of a modern smart security system. Internet, monitored transmission with cellular back-up communicators allows a user to activate/deactivate the security shield from anywhere giving you complete control. Check the status of the system, arm, disarm, lock doors, turn on and off lights, control temperature, video viewing, change system status like home away or home alone and even open and close garage doors on command, all from a cell phone, computer or tablet. One easy to use app does it all. These systems are not only considered a non-productive cost but an investment you will be able to count on year after year and they are expandable also.

Why Consider ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. for all your Commercial and High-end Residential use? One word, reliability. For almost 40 years Harvey Hudgins and his team of professional security designers, installers, technicians and professional monitors have been the first line of defense against system interruptions, intruders and offering conscious-minded consumers an alternative to low-end security companies. ESI provides the best protection money can buy.

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