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Why Cellular Home Security Systems Are Better Than Landline

Home Security Systems

In olden times protecting your home meant having a good strong lock on the doors and a pet or two around the house to bark when someone came over. Things were much simpler then and sometimes the old ways of getting things accomplished, like protecting your family and valuables, was more reliable than investing in the technology that was available at the time. Unfortunately, times have changes and buying locks and keeping dogs around today is simply not enough of a security measures to protect the things you love. As our society, has become more sophisticated, so have the criminals who invade our homes and threaten our well-being. In the early days of home security offerings, hard wire alarm systems, using conventional telephone cables was the only thing that sometimes stood between the home owners and an intruder. But advancements in technology have made hard wired systems a thing of the past. Today, wireless alarm monitored security systems are the most dependable and reliable home security defense providing a secured transmission even when there is no power, cellular signals become weak or hard to secure or the internet is down altogether.

Why Not a Landline?

Some people still might think that the use of a landline, or traditional telephone line, is the best, most reliable form of transmitting an alarm monitoring signal. Phone lines operate on a battery powered system and are operational even when the electric power goes out. Phone lines are easy to repair and traditional hard wired phone systems are still in use everywhere. Because phone wired systems are so easily accessible they are also vulnerable to disabling the phone line and the security system that is attached. When that happens, your alarm system will not be able to send a signal to the monitoring station if an alarm is triggered. Simply put, traditional phone lines in use for providing security systems have out lived their usefulness.

Cellular is Better

When you think about a cellular signal, like the ones our Wi-Fi computers and cell phones use, you think about dropped calls, poor reception or dead zones. Wireless alarm monitored security systems use a cellular signal strength much smaller in their operating requirements than traditional cell phone or computer use. Consequently, the signal strength required for a data signal to be sent from your alarm system to the monitoring station is much more secure and the cellular networks are constantly improving. If we lose a signal from one of our monitored security systems our technicians are alerted and will find the strongest signal from another tower. If a cell tower is being used for a particular location and it goes down, the signal is automatically switched to another closely located tower.

Monitoring Your Signal

At ESI., Emergency Systems Inc. we protect our customers with the most up to date wireless security systems available. We call them Smart Security Systems and our customers do too.  In addition to designing, installing and monitoring security systems for home and office, ESI is the leader in providing the most cost effective, fast response time in the event a security system is breached. Our wireless security systems are capable of being monitored and engaged from any smart phone user anywhere they are, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply put, there is no better option for protecting your family, your valuables or employees than a Smart Security System from ESI.

Turning Homes in to Castles

ESI., Emergency Systems Inc. is turning traditional homes into secured castles using security systems that give you unlimited options and ways to control your security environment. Automation has finally arrived at the doorstep for home owners to take advantage of and ESI is at the leading edge. Let ESI show you a variety of ways you can implement this new technology. From smart locks to CCTV (video cameras), from gate operating devices to access control, ESI is the leader in Jacksonville home security systems. Give ESI a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free evaluation of your security needs. Our trained professionals have years of experience in evaluating home security needs and are ready to install safe, affordable, protective “smart security systems” today. Call ESI at 904-388-3975 or visit us on our website at, you will be glad you did.


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