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An Alarm System Like Never Before

One of the most innovative security devices to come along in years is the new Videofied Alarm System, or video-verified monitoring device. Unlike traditional video recording provided by surveillance cameras, or CCTV, the new Videofied Alarm Security System uses motion detector technology equipped with a short time video feed only activated when the motion detector is triggered. Unlike traditional alarm systems that just notify a monitoring station an alarm was tripped; Video Motion Viewers sends the video clip every time the motion sensor is activated. This allows monitors to immediately verify if the trip was a false alarm, as so many are, or if an intruder has activated the security system.

What Makes this Security System, Breakthrough Technology?

Unlike CCTV surveillance systems, that record videos for playback, Videofied is a complete video alarm device and can be economically used in both residential and commercial applications. Many times, CCTV feeds operate outside the window of opportunity to catch an intruder making police efforts marginal. When the motion detector activates the Videofied Alarm, the result is a video clip immediately reviewed by the central monitoring station. Videofied Systems delivers quicker police dispatch and often times makes the difference in accessing false alarm dispatches reducing costs and making your existing security system more effective. A video-verified alarm can make all the difference for all parties involved including home and vacant property owners, commercial businesses and warehouse and industrial sites. Police and perimeter security measures are greatly aided by a system that verifies alarms, before response is deployed.

Undeniable Security Advantage

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in providing this new video-verified alarm technology. We believe this will make traditional alarm systems dramatically more effective, leading to more arrests because the real-time video identification is fool proof. This system is a great addition to our “Smart Security Alarm Technology” and is both a wireless and cordless, waterproof security system. This system installs almost anywhere and uses our cellular network securing the highest communication towers enabling access to every securable location including even remote construction sites, vacant buildings, cell sites, irrigation systems, rural substations, abandoned mines, critical infrastructure and foreclosed properties as well as traditional sites. This “smart” vandalism protection device is valuable in preventing cooper theft something that has become an epidemic here in North and Central Florida. Videofied is a stealth device undetected by intruders because the motion detector doesn’t give any evidence that a video feed is being transmitted even while the crime is in progress. Quick time transmission, followed by quick time response.

Videofied is designed to verify, not identify. That’s why the video resolution is fixed and the file size intentionally kept small, to ensure the fastest possible transmission to the central station (and faster response from police to the crime in progress).

Why ESI should be your Jacksonville Security System Provider

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is your one stop security provider with over 30 years’ experience in protecting homes and businesses in the Central and North Florida markets. We provide a complete assortment of security applications including CCTV, Video Surveillance, Access Controls, Fire and Sprinkler Security Systems, Central Monitoring, Smart Locks for Home or Office and the new Videofied Alarm Systems. We are one of Florida’s largest full service security companies and protect every kind of property from Traditional Homes to Strip Malls / Vacant Stores – Offices / Commercial Property – Vacant Properties – Warehouses – Air Conditioners even on rooftops – Construction Sites – Scrap & Recycling Yards – Vehicle Lots – Fenced Lots – Substations – Dealerships – Guard Enhancement just to name a few. Call us for a free consultation and let one of our knowledgeable security experts help you chose the right system for your individual security needs. Call us at 904-388-3975 or visit us on the web at


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