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Holiday Travel Tips

Home Security Tips

If you are leaving you home this holiday season, here are some, “home preparation and travel tips” you might what to employ and tell any of your friends and relatives about. It’s always a good idea, if you know and trust your immediate neighbors, to tell them about your travel plans whenever you leave for a trip or on vacation. Let them know when you plan on leaving and returning. If you are having someone home sit, inform them as to who it is, by name and leave telephone numbers for the house sitter in case of an emergency. If the house will be vacant inform your neighbors of the security measures you have taken to protect your home and any visitors who might stop by to check on it, if any. It is always a good idea to have a “Smart Security System” installed by ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. a North and Central Florida security company with over 30 years’ experience. Here are some additional security tips you might not have thought about:

Home Security Tip #1

It is always a good idea to have someone collect your mail, packages or newspapers, every day, so that no one can detect you are not at home. Have the party just keep the mail in a safe place until your return. Make sure that any fliers or door hangers left behind by solicitors are removed so the house does not look empty.

Home Security Tip # 2

Never call attention to your packing of the car for a road trip if possible. If cover, like a garage or back yard is available, try and pack your car where it cannot be seen by passersby. Do not pack your car the night before so a would be criminal can detect you are leaving.

Home Security Tip # 3

Always turn the ringer down on your phone and any answering devices you have so that a potential burglar cannot hear a phone call that goes unanswered or that an answering device is picking up the call. Never ever leave a message on an answering device, or home computer announcing you are gone or have left your home for any period of time. You never know who has access to your email address and has nefarious or criminal intent to do you harm.

Home Security Tip #4

Make sure you do the obvious things to make it look like someone is home. Don’t put the garbage out unless someone will put the empty cans back in the yard where they belong.

Home Security Tip #5

Never leave a spare key to your home outside where an intruder can find it. Crooks are very clever at gaining access to a house so don’t make it easier for them.

Home Security Tip #6

If you don’t have a “smart security system installed” from ESI, take the time to review all of the safety precautions you can take; like putting in a dead bolt lock on front and rear doors, use a metal bar to secure any sliding glass doors, use motion detector lights around your home, especially in the rear of the house. Make sure all windows are locked. Also, turn off your water to the home if it is easily available, just in case of a water break. Make sure all of your smoke detectors have new batteries in them so in the event of a fire they work. Place an additional smoke detector by the front door so that an alarm might attract attention.

Home Security Tip #7

This is possibly the most over looked security feature you could employ if going out of town for the holidays. Do not tell anyone who doesn’t need to know that you are leaving town. That means not telling co-workers and acquaintances of your plans and make sure if you have children they don’t tell others as well. Almost everyone in jail has a friend or unsuspecting relation that they obtained innocent information from that led to a crime.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. wants you to have a safe and happy holiday season. Our basic home security reminders are important for you to remember especially if you don’t have a security system protecting your home and valuables.

Looking to find out more information about our affordable, home security systems or wanting to add to your system or upgrade? Cameras? Access Control?  Or the new Verified Motion Detector Camera device…….Contact ESI Sales 904-388-3975 today!

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