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Happy Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

Happy Holidays truly means keeping the things we love, safe and secure this holiday season. Unfortunately, we live in a society where during this time of the year two distinctly different things happen. One, we leave our “security guard down” shopping, traveling, vacationing, attending concerts, visiting with friends and family or just enjoying what the holiday season brings. Usually the last thing on our minds, during this festive time of the year, is thinking about taking additional precautions to avoid something from happening that would ruin our holiday spirit. Secondly, December is one of the biggest months for home and office burglary, car break-ins and thefts of every kind and shape imaginable. While we’re enjoying the joy, and magic of the season, criminals are looking to take advantage of the increased opportunities the holidays bring. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. one of Florida’s largest home and office security companies, believe that keeping your family safe and your home and property secure should be your most important concern.  Here are some of our great safety tips to keep in mind while you relax and enjoy what the season can bring!

Number 1

The largest number of what criminals refer to as “soft targets”, easy prey, are parked cars containing Christmas presents, packages of any type and anything that seems to have any value at all. Shopping centers and malls provide limited protection from these vehicle invasions and whether the vehicle is equipped with an alarm or not, they are subjected to break-ins if valuables are left in plain sight. When shopping always place your valuable articles in the trunk so your car is not identified as having anything of value in it. If you go back to your car during shopping trips, and place packages, even in your trunk, make sure you are not being stalked by someone ready to steal them the minute you are out of sight. Always be aware of the people in your immediate surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to security or police. Remember, the vehicle you protect maybe your own…

Number 2

Today we are all spending more money on the internet because it is such an easy way to complete our shopping, with a tremendous amount of choices and the convenience of shopping online, saving time and money. Unfortunately, all of those purchases have to be delivered by mail or delivery service and these items arrive at all different times of the day. There is no way, in most cases to ensure that these parcels are left in a protected spot where criminals don’t have access to them. Even with insurance on packages, many a Christmas was ruined because presents are stolen and items bound for the Christmas tree never arrive. CCTV camera’s and the new “Verified Alarm Monitoring” device are very effective ways to protect your delivered valuables. In the event, someone tries to steal a package these security devices can aid police in apprehending the criminals and retrieving your valuables back. If you have a very valuable delivery, try and coordinate the delivery time with someone being home to sign for it. Always look out for strangers walking or riding in your neighborhood that do not look familiar. Never approach a stranger if you suspect foul play is afoot. Call the non-emergency police hotline, if a burglary is not in progress, and let them identify who belongs in your neighborhood and who doesn’t.

Number 3

Be very careful when leaving empty, identifiable, boxes by the curb on garbage day. Crooks love to know what presents have been bought and if there is substantial evidence, boxes left for the trash man contained valuable gifts, your house could become a target for a burglary. Try and stack the cardboard boxes in such a way that they cannot be identified. Do not put these empty containers out before garbage day to reduce the likelihood of crooks seeing what was bought.

Number 4

When leaving your home for any extended period of time always put your indoor and outside lights on a timer so that the house looks occupied. If you have more than one car, leave the unused car in the driveway. Then criminals suspect someone is home guarding the house. With a Smart Security System from ESI, you can turn lights on and off in different zones of the home. Control your thermostat when the weather changes. Or turn the alarm off and on at will.  You can even use an ESI, Z-Wave security feature to automate your outdoor Christmas lights, including your Christmas tree, for extra safety.

Number 5

Christmas trees, no matter how large or small, artificial or live can be a fire hazard. Make sure your live Christmas trees have plenty of water to keep them moist and fresh to reduce the risk of drying out. NEVER, EVER leave your tree on while you’re away or asleep.  ESI has security systems with features that allow you to turn tree’s lights off every night, even if you forget to turn off the tree before you leave the house, simply use your Virtual Keypad App to turn them off!

Number 6

Inspect your chimney every year to ensure it is safe to operate. Never burn pine alone as it can build up sediment that can dry out and re-ignite. Have your chimney cleaned every few years to reduce the possibility of a fire starting.

Why Choose ESI as your Security Company

Nothing ruins a criminal’s day more that getting caught in the act of stealing something. Also, nothing ruins a criminal day more than see that a home, office or commercial property is protected by ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. ESI protects 1000’s of homes and business properties in North and Central Florida with award winning “smart security systems.” Wireless devices that stop even the smartest most ingenious crooks. Having an affordable home security system is the perfect way to deter thieves from gaining access to places they don’t belong. Take advantage of the security specials going on right now at your security headquarters. Visit and see all of the special products and features we carry to fit every security need. Or call us at 904 388 3975 and have one of our professionally trained and knowledgeable security experts answer any of your questions… Happy Holidays from ESI!

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