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What is Smarter Home Security?

What should you consider when purchasing a home or residential security system from ESI, the “smarter” security company? Emergency Systems Inc. is one of the largest, most trusted home security providers in the North and North Central Florida area.  Since 1978 ESI has been providing home security to some the “finest homes” in our area and for very good reasons…

Whenever anyone purchases a product or service there are always two questions that are asked.  One, did we buy the right product and two, did we pay too much for it. But when securing your family, your home and your valuables a third question needs to be asked. Did we find the right company, with the right products, service and price to protect our family?  Providing home security is a very serious business and ESI takes that responsibility very seriously. If you are looking for the cheapest price, using the cheapest materials and products that need constant updating and service, ESI is not your company…

Why are we so “Smart” about Home Security?

When managing your home security, buying the right products and implementing the right system is paramount to your safety. Most traditional security systems use cable and phone connections to transmit signals, but smart security systems use reliable and dedicated cellular technology to connect you with emergency help, seconds away. ESI builds smart security systems for “smart consumers” who live in “smart homes”, it’s just that easy. Home intruders look first for outside security connections and wires to cut before entering the dwelling. Traditional companies, using old technology are vulnerable to such system security breaches. Wired security systems are controlled on a panel on your wall and access is limited to control while you are in the house. With a digital ESI home security system you are protected from these kinds of security shortfalls. Whether you are at home or away, digital home security systems can give you protection, deter a threat and give you the piece-of-mind, that your family, home and valuables, are secure and safe.

Smart Security Control

Since access to your home security system takes place using a cell phone, “smart home security systems” allow you to control everything at the touch of a button.  You can check on your children arriving and leaving the house, receive notifications when your front or back doors are opened or closed, electronically lock and unlock doors or see who’s knocking at your front door, leaving you packages and deliveries. Interaction with your security system takes place from anywhere, at any time, day or night.  Most traditional home security systems are reactive to events occurring, but with an intelligent, smart security system you can be proactive to events taking place. For example, Smart Security Systems from ESI, when properly installed, can detect smoke, water leaks and flooding, even carbon dioxide in gas ranges leaks. Alarms sound to alert anyone at home and emergency signals are sent to fire and emergency personal. Some systems can even turn off all lights and appliances such as air conditioning systems to prevent fire from spreading even more, or shut off entire water systems to prevent additional flooding from occurring.

Smart Security make more Sense

Just about everywhere you go you read about modern technology making home security more accessible and affordable. Homes being turned into “smart homes” using security systems that give you unlimited options and ways to control your security environment. Automation has finally arrived at the doorstep for home owners to take advantage of and ESI is at the leading edge. Let ESI show you a variety of ways you can implement this new technology. From smart locks to CCTV (video cameras), from gate operating devices to access control systems, ESI is the leader in homes security systems. Give ESI a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free evaluation of your security needs. Our trained professionals have years of experience in evaluating home security needs and are ready to install safe, affordable, protective “smart security systems” today. Call ESI at 904-388-3975 or visit us on our website at, you will be glad you did..


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