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How Safe Are We Living In Jacksonville?

Burglaries in Jacksonville

According to government statistics just released, the FBI has determined that a home burglary is occurring every 15 seconds in this country. Jacksonville is not immune to this amazing statistic, in fact as a city, our crime and burglary rates are higher than the national averages. The neighborhood scout report lists Jacksonville property crime rates occurring at a rate of 37.4 per 1000 residences as compared to the national average of 24.6 crimes per 1000. Unfortunately, individual neighborhood home crime rates go up as the area of population density goes up, according to the bureau. Additionally, there were 6,151 home burglaries that took place in Jacksonville last year, roughly 17 break-ins a day occurring in our fair city. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a licensed “smart home security company” protecting Jacksonville homeowners for almost 40 years.

ESI’s Advice: It is better to be informed than have a false sense of security when it comes to protecting your family and home. Go to and review the amount of burglaries that have taken place in your neighborhood.

Who is Being Targeted and How?

Just when you thought it was safe to leave your home unprotected, which the majority of homeowners believe it is, you could be an inviting target to burglars and thieves. Most home owners do not have a security alarm system installed in their home. They are playing the odds that they will not be broken into and that to subscribe to a security alarm company is a cost they are not willing to invest in no matter how inexpensive that system could be.

ESI’s Advice: Think again. The odds that your family and home will be targeted in the next 12 months are increasing every day. Protection is inexpensive and just a phone call away. Call 904 388-3975 for a free, no obligation assessment of your security individual needs.

What are the Signs Burglars Look For?

What ESI calls the Important Six

Number one: Is anyone home. Burglars just love unoccupied homes because they reduce their chances of getting caught when in the act of practicing their profession.
ESI’s Advice: If you are going away make provisions for the lawn to be cut, the newspaper to be suspended and for someone each day to check on the house if you don’t have a security company like ESI on guard protecting it, 24/7.

Number two: Lock your doors at all times. At least one-third of all home invasions occur through an unlocked front door.
ESI’s Advice: Install a Security Front Door with a dead bolt lock and keep it locked at all times.

Number three: Keep all of your windows locked. Don’t forget to lock the second-story windows. Most professional burglars live active lifestyles and can easily gain access to a second-story window.
ESI’s Advice: Install security on all windows especially those not accessible from the ground.

Number four: Remember why you installed a “security” fence. Most fences do not provide any level of security, in fact they provide concealment for burglars breaking into and getting out of homes that do not belong to them.
ESI’s Advice: Security fences are great to keep the dogs in or give you privacy from your adjoining neighbors but they only add to your security concerns in protecting your home. If you are going to invest in a well-made fence, invest in real security protection with a “Smart Security System” from ESI.

Number five: No “Day Time” activity. Burglars for the most part are not stupid. They always look to see if there is any activity during daylight hours. There is a general misconception that burglars prefer the dark when breaking to houses, but using flashlights in a darkened house at night, is not an easy thing. Burglarizing an un-occupied home during daylight hours is so much easier.
ESI’s Advice: Don’t go to work or school only to come home after a hard day’s work and find your valuables have been stolen and that, that Monday Night Football game, you have been looking forward to is playing on your TV, in someone else’s home. Even inexpensive TV’s cost more that the monthly security monitoring fee costs for the entire year.

Number six: Location, location, location. If you live in a desirable neighborhood with plenty of expensive homes, chances are you have as much invested inside the home as you do out. Also, the costs of owning and running most large, expensive homes takes two incomes in today’s world. Don’t let that investment go unprotected. Oh, by the way. Homes in cul-de-sac’s have an increased vulnerability because of their position to other homes on the block.
ESI’s Advice: Be smart, invest in a professionally installed “smart security system” from a reputable security company. Do-it-yourself systems from hardware outlets are not commercial grade and will not hold up against todays burglars.

Jacksonville Security Systems Company

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial and residential security company that has been providing business and home owners in North and North Central Florida real security protection for almost 40 years. An award-winning company that provides the most up-to-date wireless, cellular technology available. Visit our website at for specials and information about how we can protect your most precious gifts, your employees and family members. Call ESI today for a free consultation at 904-388-3975.

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