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Home Security Systems

The real proven value of a home security system from ESI, Emergency Systems Inc is the way an alarm system responds when there is an alarm. Your system will respond automatically when there’s trouble and summon help. Interestingly enough, most alarms are false alarms so your home security system should include a one touch option to cancel the alarm or confirm it and ensure that help will be instantly dispatched if necessary. You should also be able to use a panic feature to identify the type of emergency, and summon the appropriate responders such as fire or emergency medical help. Your home alarm system is on duty even when you are not there, and now you can monitor and control your home alarm system from wherever you are. You should be able to receive alerts and control your system via smart phone, tablet or computer. A smart home security system from ESI will allow you to monitor access to your home, see what doors are locked or open, whether the alarm system was deactivated when children get home from school to enter the house and then when it was activated again to protect anyone home. This can all be done from our app or on the site. This incredible technology is available with our Z-wave integration and allows you to also turn on and off lights, control thermostats, unlock doors, view CCTV if installed and much, much, more. All of this controlled on the installed keypad or from your remote access, anytime, anywhere.

Small Business Security Needs

If your security needs are for your small business, all of the previously stated security features are available at your fingertips and you can additionally manage employees access by adding, editing or removing users from the system. Users now can be assigned to different levels of authority including temporary access which is convenient for maintenance or cleaning personnel. This can all be done from the app or on site. You might decide to put your employees on a schedule so you have one less thing to worry about. This is State-of the-Art Security built to protect your home or business from intrusion, burglary, fire and other threats.

How important are Interior and Exterior CCTV

Security should be at the top of your list when it comes to your home, business or lifestyle. Having a security system by ESI, puts you in complete control of your security system using our virtual keypad app. Never is this truer than when there is an alarm notification. When there is an alarm the app automatically displays live video or recent clips from your home or business. Your security system can have both interior and exterior video cameras that you can view from your smart phone or mobile device. That lets you see what is going on and determine if it is a false alarm. You are the best one to decide whether there is actually an alarm. If you are not available to check the video yourself, you can have video verification’s sent directly to our local central station, where they can have access to pre and post alarm clips or live video to determine if authorities should be immediately dispatched. After the event your video documentation will help in both investigating and prosecuting the perpetrator.

Your World Protected

Video verification is just one of the many inexpensive features available through the virtual keypad app. Additionally, home owners, commercial businesses, warehouse and manufactures can enjoy a variety of security features or layers to fit any security application. Examples include: video verification, lights, thermostats, doors, geo-fencing, saved user code, red keypad, lock downs, arm/disarm schedules, temporary access, faulted zone notification, rooms with a view, sensor activity, favorites, history, multi- system control, E-Z wave setup, user code management, temporary user code, video playback, favorites schedules, cameras, action, traffic counts, download clips, touch ID integration, outputs, and area arming. Let ESI, Emergency Systems Inc demonstrate how a state of the art security system can make your life easier and safer, help you manage your security needs and at the same time provide a relatively stress free environment. We take all of the worries and hassles out of protecting you, your family, employees and business. Our consultations are free and our security specialist have been providing security system solutions for over 30 years. Give ESI a call today at 904 -388-3975 or visit our website at GetESI.Com.


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