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Access Control and Security Surveillance

Every day, more and more Florida businesses are taking steps to secure their dwellings, property and personnel. From large corporate campuses to single unit space, businesses, regardless of their size are starting to get more and more serious about their security. Unfortunately, everyday some unlucky business is the target of an intrusion, theft or security breach. So many new companies seeking security advice for the first time, don’t fully know what they are getting into. Many security companies are primarily selling residential home security packages and offer commercial security a sideline. But few security companies specialize in all aspects of the security field and possess the knowledge and expertise to fulfill all security demands in this ever changing security landscape. Because of the complex issues that involve securing a business, many companies are turning to ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. as their first and only line of defense, and for good reason.

What Business Security Solutions Does ESI Offer?

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we offer a wide range of state of the art security solutions for your business. From video surveillance systems, alarm systems, access control and fire alarm systems, to testing, inspecting and monitoring. Since 1979 Emergency Systems, Inc. is the one-stop security company in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia that you can trust for planning and executing custom solutions to your facility risk concerns. ESI is here to make your job easier, more efficient and cost effective when choosing a security company. ESI makes your business a safer, securer and more comfortable environment.

What is an Access Control System?

Access Control Systems are security systems that actually control the access to your building or facility. Installing an Access Control System gives you the ability to restrict, monitor and inspect who has access to any property, building, room or facility.

Does my Business need an Access Control System?

Any sized business who has to secure and limit its access to “Authorized Personnel or Restrict Visitor Access” needs to consider installing an access control system. Most businesses have an access control devices installed in the way of locks and secured exits and entrances with employees having keys and limited control over the building’s security. Access Control Systems allow an employer to add an additional protective layer of security so that the business is protected by who has clearance to enter specific areas of that business and control on, when they do.

One of the additional layers of protection most businesses do not employ but one who’s presents can make the difference, is adding Video Surveillance, CCTV to any security system.

Access Control Maintenance

One of the most important elements of insuring your Access Control System is operating to their fullest capacity is having an inspection and routine maintenance performed on your system by ESI. Keeping your business, employees and facilities safe should be your number one security concern. Without routine inspections of your access control systems, performed by a security expert, systems can become obsolete and access vulnerability can cause breaches in your security you want to avoid. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc is a leader in the commercial security field with over 35 years’ experience. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 or visit us on the web at


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