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Holiday Break-in Protection

With the holidays fast approaching it is a good time to review your security measures in place to protect home, property and valuables. The rate of home invasions and break-ins rise this time of year as consumers start buying products for Christmas and other religious holidays. This is also the travel season and with more and more travelers leaving home for the holidays, home break-ins and general crimes perpetrated against the dwelling, increase. With over 49 million Americans leaving their homes, for just Thanksgiving alone this year, many homes are left unprotected against vandalism and theft. Many neighborhoods are targeted and many times more than one home left vacant for the holiday is broken into. Properties that are listed for sale are also very attractive to potential burglaries and theft. One major concern, especially in North and Central Florida, is the influx of air conditioners thefts and copper tubing being removed from dwellings both residential and commercial. Even secured facilities, and homes equipped with security systems do not always secure the outside appliances like heat pumps and air conditioning units. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a licensed security specialist providing security protection for all types of residential and commercial air conditioning units. With the price of copper increasing, stealing copper tubing and heating and air conditioning units has become quite attractive. Many residential homes are not equipped to protect outside equipment from being ransacked and stolen. These stolen products are then sold on the black market and unfortunately in most cases are untraceable to recover.

HVAC Industry Changes

As with most manufactured products today, technological advancements, are making new products that are not compatible with older ones. Such is the case with the HVAC industry using new types of refrigerants, by government mandate, and copper coils which are not compatible with older HVAC systems. In the event your heat pump or air conditioning unit is vandalized or stolen, a whole new system would need to be installed including the interior air handler. Unfortunately, the average cost of a new system can be over $5000.00 dollars and up, depending on the size of the home or office. Insurance companies who are required to settle claims for damaged or stolen HVAC systems, in most policies, do so only after the home or business owner has secured a theft detection system added to their existing security system to prevent further claims. This would also mean that if a residential home owner did not have a security system protecting the home, one would need to be installed. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in providing residential and commercial security systems and can install alarm detection devices on your AC unit at a very affordable price. We have been kept very busy by thieves perpetrating these types of crimes recently and recommend that newly installed security systems have the additional protection of a theft detection system added.

Why Consider ESI for your Home or Office Security

As with purchasing any product or service, the main consumer concerns have always been, “did I purchase the right product and did I pay too much for it”.  ESI., Emergency Systems Inc. is not only the leader in the residential and commercial security field but provides the most cost effective security solutions using the most advanced security systems available. We pride ourselves on the 1000’s of satisfied customers we have serviced for almost 40 years in North and Central Florida.  ESI is the leader in home and office security systems. Give ESI a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free evaluation of your security needs. Our trained professionals have years of experience in evaluating home security needs and are ready to install safe, affordable, protective “smart security systems” today. Call ESI at 904-388-3975 or visit us on our website at, you will be glad you did.

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