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What You Need to Know about the Use of Gas Appliances

Known for its efficiency, the increase usage of Gas; Propane or Natural Gas as a source of energy in both businesses and homes is becoming a very common occurrence. Once only used in gas ranges and heating elements, gas products have been developed for everything from water heaters, driers and fireplaces to heating pools and outdoor grills and outdoor lighting. But with this increased usage of gas products, concerns have been raised over the amount of accidental poisoning, burnings and death that have taken place over the past few years. The recent explosion of the gas applications has been driven by not only efficient drivers but also by its ecstatic value as well. Where once were only electric ranges and colorful appliances, stainless steel and gas are becoming the new high-end norm. Commercial and residential applications abound if you have the pocket book and are ready to advance to the next level of taste and opulence. All of this comes with a price that restaurant owners have known for years, protecting users from the increased risk associated with gas usage. Besides having pilot lights and open flames, gas is a combustion able product and deadly killer. Because natural gas is an odorless and colorless substance, a harmless chemical called Mercaptan is added to natural gas and propane so that the gas itself will give off an offense smell similar to sulfur, or the smell of rotten eggs. This makes it possible for an individual to detect the presence of gas due to its usage or in the event of a leak.

Burned By-product of Gas or Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon Monoxide is the gaseous by-product of a combustion engine or the use of burning fuel, propane or natural gas in appliances and engine products. Often called the deadly and silent killer, CO is responsible for thousands of deaths each year being emitted in everything from space heaters to generators used without proper ventilation. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. a leader in home and office security recommends that if any appliances of gas are in use, Carbon Monoxide Detectors should be installed to warn occupants of the danger of CO presents. But when gas is in use one cannot always smell or detect a gas leak. CO monitors or detectors do not detect natural gas or propane leaks, only the presence of carbon monoxide when these gases are being burned and not properly vented. Single Station Propane/Methane Detectors are an electric plug-in device that will detect the presence of gas and will sound an alert to ensure occupants are notified of their dangerous presence. ESI recommends that this detector is an essential component to any safe use of gas products in enclosed areas. Most states require the installation of smoke detectors but not all mandate CO detectors and Single Station Propane/Methane Detectors to prevent accidental poisoning or death from occurring. Early warning systems used when gas is in use not only alerts occupants to the dangers of gas detection but eliminates the guess work of “do I smell gas or not” before it is too late.

Home and Office Security Comes in Many Forms

The leading cause of theft, burglary or invasion is the non-existence of a security shield installed to protect customers, vendors, visitors, employees and occupants. In todays complex world of electronics and sophisticated devices, security cannot be taken for granted. Just like protecting oneself from energy efficient gas usage or the presence of burning fuels, dwellings need to be protected in the same efficient manner. Protection starts with a security prevention plan to not only detect and dispel but to prevent breaches of security from happening. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in the commercial and high-end residential security field for almost 40 years. On the cutting edge of security devices and applications ESI has been serving the needs of its customers from Central North Florida to the Georgia border and beyond. We have extensive training, expertise and knowledge in the repair, design, installation and maintenance of high-tech security systems utilizing the most advanced technologies available at affordable pricing. Combined with a state-of-the-art local monitoring facility ESI is a one-stop-shop for everything from commercial grade CCTV’s/video cameras, keyless entry/access control, gate operating devices, fire alarm, burglar and silent/panic alarm systems, sprinkler and water suppression systems, cellular boosting with products like SureCall, motion detectors and Videofied ( a re-useable video feed within a motion detector) and much, much more. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 to speak to one of our security technicians for a free security evaluation. Visit our website @ Getesi.Com for a complete list and description of our products and services.