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woman controlling security system with smart phone

Security Systems Run on Smart Phone Technology

Security Systems and Smart Phones

Isn’t living in this modern age of technology amazing. Being able to turn a light switch on from across the globe or knowing when an employee has lock up your facility for the night. Being able, in real time to watch video of people coming and going through your establishment and or having the ability to change access for any employee as it fits your needs remotely. But understanding technology is a two-way street and even though not all burglars are as sophisticated as the security systems they try to invade, some are and more and more, online technology is starting to catch up to everybody. That’s scary. Technology and the ability to stay one step ahead of the bad guys could be slowly dwindling. For most of us a smartphone is not only a necessity it’s the cornerstone device for everything we do. Having control over one’s immediate environment is one thing, having access to control that environment from any where there is cellular service is another. But what security controls do we want and to what purpose do they serve us? Large corporations pay millions of dollars to consultants who have access to controlling building and security functions from heating and cooling to energy conservation when the day is done. High-end residential dwellings are being equipped with the same “Smart Technology” as businesses have. Below are some of the unique features cellular technology has allowed us to utilize and control from a simple hand-held device from as far away as China.

Let’s Start with the Best, First

For those of us with smartphone technology it would be hard to image life with anything less than what we perceive as pretty commonplace.

  1. Business Owners: As people responsible for the well-being and safety of other, smart phone technology presents an array of options for us to monitor business activities at the touch of a screen or app. From gate operating devices to access control panels, this technology allows an owner to roughly control everything set up in the security path.
  2. Receive instant security alerts: Alarms are the number one concern for all business owners and receiving alarms as they are triggered is an advantage so that an owner can monitor the situation from where ever they are. Of course, security company monitoring stations receive the same alert but with smart phone technology both client and vendor can communicate through the whole alarm triggered process.
  3. Surveillance Camera’s: Being equipped to view security camera’s is a big advantage to property owners and managers. Being able to detect or decipher who is gaining access, friend or foe is a game changer for your security shield monitoring
  4. Utility Conservation and Control: Having access to control your utilities, cooling, heating, lights, electronic doors and smart rooms is a big advantage to be able to remotely turn on and off.
  5. High-End Residential Dwellings: The same controls businessowners have is available for home use. Having the ability to see who is at your doors, from delivery vendors to friends and foes alike is a real asset for protecting your family. Smart technology gives you remote access to opening and closing doors also.
  6. Smart Home Wireless Systems: Remember the days of having to hardwire your telephones, tv’s, stereos and other electronic devices. With wireless cellular technology those days are over.
  7. Utilize Voice Activation: Amazon Echo and Google Home are smart speaker technology with all kinds of smart features. You now have voice activated access to arming security systems, controlling lights and thermostats, unlocking and locking doors and much, much more.

Why Consider ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. for Smart Technology Applications?

ESI, a leader in the commercial and high-end residential alarm and security field has been utilizing smartphone technology since its inception. Emergency Systems Inc. has been transforming hardwired security applications to advanced cellular technology as they have come on-line and is experienced in transforming your security shield too. We have been at the cutting edge of security technology for almost 40 years offering the most advanced online security applications the industry can provide. Harvey Hudgins and his team of security experts are highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians ready to assist you in developing a security apparatus second to none at an affordable cost. ESI provides Fire and Burglar Alarms, Sprinkler and Fire Suppression, Panic and Silent Alarms, CCTV and High-End Security Camera’s, Videofied/Motion Detector Technology, Cellular Boosting/ SureCall, Gate Operating Devices, Access Control Key-less Entry products and more. We are Jacksonville, North Central and North Florida’s security headquarters for commercial, industrial, warehouse and high-end residential dwellings.  Give one of our highly skilled and trained security technicians a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free security analysis. Visit our website @ GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our products, services and credentials.