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Who is Protecting Small Businesses in Jacksonville Florida

Security Alarm Protection for The Little Guy

It’s not enough to say that here at ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we love small businesses. We have to because they are the backbone of our business, our community, and really the nation. Over 99.7% of businesses operating today across America are what are considered small in nature. Protecting these business entities is a big job, not just because of their sheer numbers, but because of the distribution of employees and wealth these businesses represent. But how many of these businesses are under-protected from theft, burglary, or intrusion. Of course, all of the brick-and-mortar facilities have fire alarm systems, they have to because of local municipal codes. But what about protecting employees, customers, vendors, and assets from other security events from taking place.?

Does your business have the right security shield setup, employing all of the latest security technology and utilizing state-of-the-art commercial-grade security alarm components? Many small business owners and operators neglect the very basic security systems that are designed to give them ample protection from security issues arising. From keyless entry/access control devices to modern cellular technology and video/CCTV surveillance. At ESI we provide it all, monitored by highly trained security technicians and all at affordable prices. If you own a local business and are searching for the best, most highly competitive security alarm company in Jacksonville fl, look no further.

Small Business Security Systems

Theft and Intrusion Protection for Small Business

Intruders are just as much a problem for most small businesses as they are for larger, more asset-rich targets. Whether you are trying to protect expensive computer ports, mainframes, or retail stock, employees, customers, or vendors, the solutions for protecting these valuables are all the same. A well-designed intrusion alarm system allows us to monitor your property and assets when you aren’t there. Keeping your valuable property, products, and people safe and secure is only achieved with detection devices properly incorporated into a complete commercial business security system.

Some of the components include:

  • Door and window contacts
  • Motion detectors strategically placed
  • Photoelectric beam sensors for storage yards or warehouses
  • Glass break detectors installation
  • Holdup, panic and silent alarm buttons
  • Video and CCTV security

State-of-the-Art Access Control/Keyless Entry Systems

Many small to medium size Jacksonville businesses are adopting large business security components like keyless entry systems strictly for the security efficiencies and convenience it provides employers. No longer do these businesses provide open access, meaning that they can remain locked 24/7 allowing only authorized access. Having an electronic record of the comings and goings of personnel has many distinct advantages including time recording, full or partial access and most importantly, instant changeability of swipe card activated permissions. These types of security shields can be as robust as needed. It’s like having your own monitoring manager without the added expense of physical oversite. ESI even installs these modern security products in up-scale residential dwellings for outside door access.  

What is a Security Shield Without Video Surveillance?

ESI specializes in many technologically advanced security products like Videofied, a video surveillance system contained in a motion detection system. Now your business can actually verify a real-time intrusion, theft, or other unauthorized event taking place on your property without having to react to false alarms and unverifiable activity. These video surveillance systems are both affordable and actually portable so they have many uses and different types of applications.

Why Choose ESI, Emergency Systems Inc?

If you are looking to upgrade your security measures and need to be put on the right path for your small business, ESI is here to help. We can repair, design, and install all types of security measures for small businesses to protect what is most important to them. As Jacksonville’s premier commercial security alarm company, ESI possesses the knowledge, skill, and trained technicians to fulfill any security alarm request. With over 40 years of providing commercial and residential security systems, we have 1000’s of satisfied customers all over Florida. Operating a small business in this day and age is difficult enough. Choosing the right security alarm provider could be paramount to your business’s success. That’s where ESI comes in. Give us a call at 904 388-3975 for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and security goals. We are here to listen to your needs and give you expert advice along with service after the sale.