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Workplace Violence and Its Effect on People, Employees, The Victims and Society

One of the most serious issues facing business owners, their employees and families today is the increase rise of workplace violence taking place in America. This has always been a concern because workplace violence can manifest itself into various forms, ranging from employee threats, non-authorized intrusion, verbal abuse and harassment to physical assaults or even gun violence with deadly consequences. The extent of workplace violence can vary across different types of businesses, industries, regions, and organizational cultures.

According to industry security experts like ESI, Emergency Systems Inc., its important first to understand where, why and how workplace violence occurs. Then, what are the steps that need to be taken to secure premises and gain an effective advantage towards curtailing it or eliminate the threat from occurring.

There are many key points to consider regarding the extent of workplace violence in our society and they include:

Industry Variances:

Certain industries, such as healthcare, retail, entertainment and customer service organizations, experience higher than normal rates of workplace violence due to factors like working conditions, stress, high emotions, and the direct interaction with the public.

Jobs that involve handling money, providing services to clients, or dealing with volatile situations are always at a higher risk.


Workplace violence may be underreported due to fear of retaliation, concerns about job security, or the normalization of certain behaviors. Some incidents may be considered minor and not reported, even though they contribute to a negative work environment. Unmonitored, undetected and undocumented violence is a recipe for disaster if left unchecked and unreported to businessowners and managers.

Cultural Differences:

The prevalence of workplace violence can vary significantly across different types of cultures.

Cultural norms, attitudes towards authority, and the availability of weapons can impact the likelihood and severity of workplace violence. With the tremendous influx of immigrants and mass illegal entries, employee vetting and the possibility of workplace disputes and violence is on the rise.

Mental Health Issues:

The mental health conditions that exist involving many employees is of great concern. Undetected mental health issues left untreated posses a serious risk. Additionally, the workplace violence that takes place not only affects the individual’s physical safety, but also has a significant impact on the mental health and well-being of employees who witness or experience such incidents.

Long-term exposure to a hostile work environment will contribute to increased stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

What are The Costs to Organizations:

Workplace violence can have financial implications for organizations, including increased healthcare costs, workers’ compensation claims, and potential legal liabilities. Productivity may be affected as employees deal with harassment, bulling and certainly the aftermath of violent incidents.

Prevalence of Bullying and Harassment:

Forms of workplace violence may include bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and other non-physical acts that create a hostile work environment. These behaviors can lead to negative consequences for both individuals and the overall workplace climate. Efforts to address workplace violence often involves a combination of preventive measures including: employee training, and the establishment of clear policies and reporting mechanisms.

Organizations and policymakers continually work to improve awareness and create safer work environments through the implementation of best practices and legal regulations. Regular assessments of workplace safety, ongoing training, and fostering a culture of respect are essential components of any strategy to mitigate the impact of workplace violence.

What Should Be the First Step in Securing Offices and Specific Business Work Environments?

The installation of security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems/keyless entry or electronic card swipes on doors, floors or even elevator operations along with 24/7 professional remote monitoring, is the first step towards securing and maintaining control over who is authorized to gain access and who should be denied. These security measures can also detect, deter and notify when a workplace altercation arises.

By reducing access to only those who are authorized, this simple step will eliminate the outside threat from former employees, probationary employees or disgruntle adversaries who mean harm. Also, installing panic buttons and door alarm activations when security breaches are detected, will also saves lives.

That all begins with hiring the right security alarm company with trained personnel and years of on-premise security experience.

For over 40 years, ESI, the experts in commercial on-premises security systems, has been leading the charge to curtail workplace violence by informing, educating and implementing security alarm systems designed to protect all types of workplace environments. Securing premises, people, employees, vendors and customers starts with a well-designed and well-executed security alarm apparatus.

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Don’t let a workplace incident occur when simple steps are at your disposal to ensure they don’t.

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