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Choosing The Right Security Company for Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of the year again when we consider things left undone and start thinking about starting the new year off right. New Year’s resolutions are a very common occurrence in our society with millions of them committed to each year. Most are personal wishes about behaviors many of us want to change like lose weight, stop smoking, pain the house, limit alcohol consumption or save a little extra money for that rainy day. But one of the most important and sometimes overlooked resolutions can be of a more critical nature like adding a security system to our homes or upgrading our business security shield to include a more up to date path. In todays society, personal, business and commercial security can be a somewhat overlooked task performed by sub-standard contractors with inferior products and all at cut rate prices. But nothing can replace a person’s safety if penetrated by a thief or criminal undertaking. Nothing can replace items or compromised assets when security is breached and articles are damaged or stolen. If you have an out-of-date security apparatus installed in your home, office, business location or property, this is the time of the year to renew your commitment to providing an efficient and effective security systems that can protect what you hold most precious. One thing you must consider is that not all security systems are made equal and that having the wrong products installed can produce a false sense of security and put you, your family, customers and employees at risk. Don’t cut short your security investment because in the long run, the right security products, designed and installed by the right security company can make the difference between safety and catastrophe.

Who Should You Trust in Securing What You Hold Precious

There are 3 rules of thumb every security minded individual must consider when choosing a security company. First, is the security company a full-service security provider for both commercial and high-end residential security needs. This is very important because the quality of security products used in any security shield need to be of a commercial grade for upgrading components, expanding products and provide reliable service coupled with a long shelve life. Second, does the security company have the most up to date, state-of-the-art products designed and developed by the worlds leading security manufactures. This is also extremely important because technology in the security field is only one step ahead of those that wish to hack, intrude and evade security devices. And third and most important, does the security company have years of experience, with highly trained security technicians equipped to design, install, repair and replace any type of security structure needing including: access control/keyless entry, fire alarm, burglar alarm, panic and silent alarm, gate operating devices, Videofied motion detectors, cellular boosting with SureCall, perimeter protection, video surveillance/CCTV and IP Internet monitoring. Additionally, does the security company have its owned equipped and maintained monitoring center, staffed with highly trained and skilled personnel to assist in any security breach. If you can’t answer Yes, to all of these security concerns then you need to contact ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. ESI is a highly respected and sought-after commercial security company resource, servicing North and North Central Florida for 40 years. Since 1979, ESI has been designing and installing security systems for every security application imaginable. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of security protection for high-end residential dwellings, commercial properties, businesses, municipalities, government, schools, military installations, industrial complexes and warehouse. Give us a call today for a free, on obligation consultation to discuss your security needs and challenges. Call 904-388-3975. Visit our website for products and services @