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Commercial Security At Its Finest

Many people today take their individual security as well as their property or small business security for granted. It’s usually because most people are under the assumption that a commercial grade security system for their office or home is just too expensive to invest in and they are left playing the odds that nothing will disrupt their happy lives. Additionally, often people believe that a hardwired security system is cumbersome and they don’t understand that with today’s improved technology every piece of equipment used in a wireless, cellularly transmitted system is both effective and relatively inexpensive. This new technology also makes installation a simple task based on placing individual components in strategic places where they will do the most good, enhancing someone’s chances of thwarting a crime from happening or at least reducing the chances of one taking place. Battery operated devices so simple yet so advanced even the most sophisticated burglars cannot contradict the security shield encountered, presenting one with the piece of mind and real durable security. This security system needs only a cellular transmitter and receiver to operate and all without having to have live internet service, WIFI or an onsite cellular phone operational, to work.

With many security companies to choose from, who should you trust to provide the best designed, commercial grade security system for your individual needs at a fair and competitive price. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. a leader in commercial and high-end residential security has been providing unmatched security services of almost 40 years in the North Central and North Florida areas. We have experienced and trained technicians who can design, install, repair, replace and locally monitor any security apparatus for home, office, business, government facility, industry, and warehouse space. We have the most advanced security equipment developed by the leading world’s manufacturers including GE, Bosch, DSC, DMP, Honeywell, Sony, Samsung, Napco and many more. We cover all aspects of the security field including fire alarm, burglar alarm, silent and panic alarms, sprinkler and fire suppression systems, keyless entry/access control systems, video surveillance and CCTV, cellular boosting, perimeter security, electric gate operating devices, motion detectors/video feed, IP/network internet monitoring and facilities monitoring just to name a few.

ESI can even design and install security enhancement products like SureCall cellular boosting for large installations or for spaces where there is poor or inadequate cellular communication available.  ESI also handles the new Videofied products providing a real-time video surveillance camera housed in a motion detector. This reusable security product is perfect for many different types of applications including construction site security, and perimeter security situations or even commercial space where early intruder detection is a must. Videofied can be temporarily installed on one job site and moved to another at a moment’s notice when construction crews are off to the next project. Videofied also eliminates the need to verify the alarm because the spontaneous video feed, when triggered, captures real-time images of the surveillance as it is occurring making first responders and police aware that a security breached event is in progress.

Why ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. for all Your Security Needs!

Harvey Hudgins, owner and operator of ESI is a 40-year veteran in providing commercial security systems for every known application. From Banks to schools, government installations, retail space, industrial complexes, warehouse and logistic operations, high-tech security facilities to commercial space and high-end residential properties. ESI specializes in advanced security shields designed to protect employees, customers, vendors, visitors, individuals and family members. Give us a call today and let one of our highly trained and knowledgeable security technicians design, install, repair or replace a security system that will fit your needs and budget. Call 904-388-3975 for a free security consultation or visit our website for a complete listing of our credentials and services @ GetEsi.Com