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Holiday Protection Is A Security Must

Holiday Protection

With the holidays fast approaching many businesses are becoming so busy this time of the year that taking extra steps to insure their assets, employees and customers are secure from intrusion and theft is the last thing on their minds. Brick and mortar stores are over filled with inventory and many firms take on extra help just to handle the customer traffic and item requests. But brick and mortar, fixed locations aren’t the only types of businesses that are experiencing this additional work load. More and more companies are now offering online services and providing these additional services creates special problems of their own. Inventory, increase amounts of cash, shoplifting and fraud all have unique security issues that can cause many business owners to re-evaluate their security structure. Additionally, with all these new people being hired for additional services and to handle the increased amounts of traffic, many businesses are really not “security equipped” to secure and protect their new situations. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. a leader in the security protection, intrusion and asset protection management business has been providing “state-of-the-art” security services for almost 40 years. As business model offerings have advanced, so have the criminal activities developed to exploit those services putting pressure on businesses and the companies hired to protect them.

First Line of Security Defense

With all the security products available today, many business owners are incorporating, what is commonly referred to as “multi-level security protection”. ESI, specializes in developing affordable and efficient security shields designed to give your business maximum protection. All first-line security defense structures should incorporate an array of products that are non-redundant but provide specific protection against all security breaches.

CCTV- Closed circuit television is a first-line security defense that can allow businesses to closely monitor all business activities including key security check points like cash registers, entrance and exit positions, employee activities, customers and inventory. Many owners actually monitor these cameras so that all ongoing activities can be viewed but in any event, CCTV does give you equal protection because of their presents. Just knowing that a record is being recorded of all activities in most cases ensures employees remain on their good behavior and prospective criminal move on to softer, non-monitored targets. Also, these devices can provide security during and after hours making it easier for law enforcement to identify culprits.

VideoFied Products- Videofied is a real-time video camera incorporated into a motion detector that is only activated when the motion sensor is triggered. This product was developed so that a central station can monitored activity and allows them to verify an emergency or intrusion in real-time. This also ensures that law enforcement will be dispatched because the activity has been verified, something police and emergency personal need.

Cellular Communication- Upgraded and modern security systems are now utilizing cellular communication verses traditional hard-wired telephone lines to communicate security issues. From fire and sprinkler systems to intrusion and burglar alarm devices, ESI has it all. Not only do we design, repair and install these modern systems, we also provide additional and expanded security features that make these systems more reliable.

Why ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.

When it comes to choosing the right security company to protect your customers, employees and assets, one name stands out from all the rest. For almost 40 years ESI has been servicing the needs of businesses and high-end residential homeowners with state-of-the-art security products from the worlds leading manufacturers. Give ESI a call today and let one of our security experts review your existing security platform or design a new, energy and cost efficient system that is right for your needs. Call ESI at 904-388-3975 or visit us on the web at