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Home Security Systems

If you have installed a commercial grade home security system from a professional security company than you understand the importance of protecting what you hold most precious from the multiple threats that exist in the marketplace. If you are like some homeowners and have installed a do-it-yourself, off the shelf, out of the box security system then your piece of mind is in for some rude awakenings. The 3 most important factors when choosing a security shield is one: installing professional grade equipment that will not fail and have limited malfunctions, two: a security shield that is designed to protect, defend and deter and most importantly a system monitored by professionals 24/7, 365 days a year. Far too often homeowners put their valuables and family at risk simply because they were too cheap to purchase the right security system, from the right security company to eliminate security gaps that could offer a burglar, opportunities a well-designed system would not have overlooked and even the most experienced crook could not penetrate and escape detection. Customization in the security business is the number one ingredient needed to apply the right security tools and equipment applications to offer maximum protection.

Different components and expanded compatibility– Some homeowners buy security products at different times and from different manufacturers starting off with a bare-bones security shield on a few windows and doors only later to identify that a security gap exists. These piecemeal systems if you will, are not the optimum way to offer protection that is both fail-proof and reliable. Security components that are integrated into a well-designed security shield is optimal for protection. Also, some security companies will offer to add additional security components that are not part of an expanded security strategy, big mistake. If you have a security system in place and need to expand it or optimize the system, get a professional to review what you have installed and give you an honest assessment of its potential shortfalls.

Home security needs evolving– Many times a smart homeowner will identify that the security system they invested in years before is either outdated or has not kept up with the needs of a building renovation or property expansion. As building configurations change so do the security concerns that follow. Having a re-inspection of an existing security shield after a housing upgrade should be left to a professional security technician. Maybe a minor change can take place or an add-on, an expandable component can solve the problem.

Modernizing is not marginalizing– In today’s high-tech sophisticated environment, hardwired, non-internet based or non-cellular trans missioned security systems are both vulnerable and a marginal attempt to protect assets when state of the art security is what’s needed. Wireless operating systems are an affordable, durable and accessible security shield from almost anywhere in the world and by can be accessed by multiple parties. Even cellular transmissions that can be intermittently compromised can be boosted from almost anywhere. Commercial security equipment can also be calibrated reducing false alarm activations. A well-rounded security shield must include a central monitoring shield and incorporating a video verification product can all but eliminate them.

Reliable Troubleshooting from ESI

If you live in or around the North Florida area you cannot help being familiar with ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. security and alarm company. For almost 40 years ESI has been the leader in creating security shield for commercial, industrial, governmental and high-end residential customers here on the First Coast. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art security solution for your home, office or any business entity give ESI a call at 904-388-3975. With almost 4 decades of experience, you can count on ESI to provide you with a total security solution that will ensure your system delivers the most comprehensive protection money can buy. Contact us for more information and schedule a free consultation today with one of our highly trained and experienced security technicians. ESI, the leader in security technology.