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Security Protection for The Elderly

The most vulnerable group of people that need to be protected from home invasion and burglary are our elderly and senior citizens homeowners who live alone. The enjoyment of having your own home and the independence that goes with it is something every aged person wants. Unfortunately, many of our older citizens are threatened by criminals who prey on the elderly because in most cases they are unprotected and not capable of thwarting off an attacker. These people have become an easy target and with home invasions, on the rise, these older Americans who are living longer are becoming easy prey. Many of the common, residential burglar alarm companies install what we call non-senior-friendly alarm systems that are too difficult to activate and don’t provide the essential protections every senior citizen deserves. The more complicated the security system the less likely an elderly person will take the time to understand its features and use the system. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. to the rescue. At ESI we design, install and monitor security systems with an elderly person in mind that is hassle-free and easy to use. Our security shields are designed to do three things for the senior citizen who can’t do it for themselves.
1. Easy to read display control panels with pictures so that an older, more technologically challenged person can identify with and relate too.
2. We take the time to demonstrate and train all of our homeowners how to activate and de-activate their simple to use security systems and
3. We have experienced and highly trained security monitoring technicians who specialize in dealing with internet challenged persons of all ages.

Easy to use, reliable security systems are the first step in protecting our senior citizens from home invasion and burglary.

Some of the recommended features that all effective home security systems should incorporate are:

  1. Wall mounted keypads or internal control panels and remote-controlled based security systems on smartphones are available and easy to use products. These systems allow an elderly person to make the choice which activation process they feel more comfortable with. Some keypads come with oversized buttons for handicapped and the visually impaired utilizing large symbols and numbers making it easier to use and activated more often.
  2. Sound and visual alarms. Most alarms when activated make loud sounds and these products are important for users and to discourage criminals but many older seniors are hearing impaired. ESI recommends adding strobe lighting and this flashing light adds an additional layer of alarm and deterrence to any activation.
  3. Video surveillance is an added feature that can aid an elderly person view the outside world without having to be vulnerable to a security threat by opening a door or even going outside the home to investigate an issue.
  4.  Medical alert systems. Not all emergencies involving a stay at home elderly person involves an intruder. Many times, the emergency is due to a slip and fall or another health-related issue where getting to the phone is a challenge. ESI’s solution is a medical alert bracelet. We monitor all personal alarm measures as well as general security systems by the same highly trained staff ready to assist at a moment’s notice.
  5. 24-hour assistance. Most importantly, a senior citizen needs to know that someone is waiting and ready to provide assistance no matter the emergency and ESI’s central monitoring station is maned and tasked with the solution. We monitor all our systems 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

ESI is a one-stop-shop for all security solutions for business, office, home, and commercial entity. We have been North Florida’s greatest security resource for over 40 years. Give us a call for any security issue, solution, repair, expansion or new security shield need at 904-388-3975. Visit our website @ GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our products and services.