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How Do Employers Keep Their Employees Safe from Harm?

Reduce Workplace Violence

It is such a shame, in this day and age, that all of us, especially employers, need to take extra precaution to prevent harm from occurring on our premises. We read about it and see it on our television screens daily, how some abnormal, deranged individual has armed themselves with a weapon and gained access to a dwelling or workplace location only to committed some terrible act of violence. Even our schools and public areas are not safe from this madness and more and more it seems that the perpetrators are doing more damage than ever before. These headlines cannot be ignored and it’s becoming an all-too-common occurrence to read or hear a news report about tragic incident of violence that should have been prevented. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) it is estimated that over two million Americans are victims of senseless workplace violence annually.

The threat is real and unfortunately becoming commonplace and while no one is immune, there are steps that maybe taken to increase the chances of this happening to you, your family or your employees from becoming a victim of these senseless crimes.

The question has now become, how do we stop a disgruntle employee, an out-of-control angry customer or some domestic issue from spilling out in to the public sector of our society and inflicting harm? What methods do we employee to protect the innocent from dealing with these dire and deadly activities?

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we are not only a leader in the design and installation of security alarm technology, but have extensive experience protecting commercial and residential establishments from becoming just another statistic. We understand the toll that comes from these types of crimes, and the burden of protecting the innocent placed on managers, owners and governmental officials where the bulk of these occurrences take place.

The simple security solution is what is referred to as a Keyless Entry/Access Control System. But what exactly is Commercial Access Control and How Can it Protect a Business Effectively?

  1. A commercial access control system is an electronic system that enables responsible parties to control who can gain access to a building or certain areas within the building. Eliminates the need for keys on all access doors.
  2. Commercial door access control systems, allows you to keep doors locked 24/7 for security reasons, while providing a way for authorized personnel, employees or tenants to gain access easily.
  3. These keyless entry systems put building owners and operators in complete control of deciding who can access to the space, when and even what time frames might be available.
  4. Benefits also include: being able to have scalable access by programable electronic swipe cards.
  5. Denying access by former employees, tenants or vendors by deactivation permissions.
  6. Designate entry points only and allowing the remainder of entry points to become exit positions only. These doors can then be outfitted with alarms when activated.
  7. Technology may also include a master control panel that can alert qualified personnel of activity.
  8. Terminated employees can now be denied access within seconds.
  9. Documented record of who is housed in a building in an emergency.

These systems can also be used as a documented time-card record of entering and exiting, generating a report in minutes.

These types of security measures are usually employed in offices, businesses, and other commercial properties, but are quite appropriate for high-end residential dwellings. Access control systems improve overall building security and convenience. Tenants, staff and designated persons, who should have access to a building, can easily enter with a credential — but doors remain locked for anyone without a valid credential. Some access control systems may also provide a way for visitors to request property access when needed.

Why Choose ESI for All Your Security Alarm Needs?

Emergency Systems, Inc. (ESI) has been helping business owners keep their employees safe for over 40 years. We take soft targets and harden them with affordable, state-of-the-art security technology. The right access control system is the cornerstone of any entryway security, enabling you to manage who enters, when, and how, with visibility of all that’s going on. ESI has the technology and expertise you need to allow or restrict access to your facility and the designated areas within.  Call ESI, Emergency Systems, Inc. today at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation survey of your facility.  Systems start as low as $1,250 per door.