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Small Business Security Protection

Choosing the Right Security Partner

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we are committed to small businesses and their owners. Actually, we love them. We understand they are the backbone of American businesses and ours as well. We take securing brick and mortar business structures very seriously. Our custom-designed security shields are scalable so you can choose the best individual security products to fit your unique needs. Many small businesses are structured like their larger counterparts but less complex in needs and utility. Many require simple intruder protection, while others want a more robust and modern approach with access control systems/keyless entry devices and multi-faceted CCTV applications. We do it all.

For over 40 years ESI has assisted thousands of small businesses to develop security strategies preventing everything from fires, smoke, electrical, water suppression systems, burglary, intruder protection, employee theft, limiting access devices to providing silent and panic alarms. Our experience doesn’t stop there with cleanroom security protection, IP-internet monitoring, cellular boosting products and even developing security protocols for the cannabis/marijuana industry.

Intrusion Protection and Prevention

Limiting access to your business is vital to protecting your employees, assets, and customers. But also devising a plan to protect your assets from harm, in any form it may take, is essential to the lifeblood of your business. An intrusion alarm system is the first step in allowing ESI to monitor your property 24/7 and will give you peace of mind that everything is safe and secure.

Security Detection Devices might include the following items depending on your building’s structure and needs including:

Window and Door Contacts

Motion Sensors

Motion Detectors/Videofied Portable Products

Glass Break Detectors

Holdup/Silent & Panic Alarms

Photoelectric Beam Products (large space protection)

Security Prevention Devices might include many of the following security products:

Access Control/Keyless Entry Systems

Video Surveillance/CCTV’s/HD-IP Cameras

Video Verification Systems-Protect Against False Alarms

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Water Sprinkler/Fire Suppression

Electric Gate Devices

Fence and Perimeter Surveillance

Wireless Communication

Intercom Systems

Cellular Boosting Products

24/7 Professional Monitoring Station

Why Do ESI and Small Businesses Make Such a Good Fit?

If you are searching for the best, most advanced commercial security alarm company in Jacksonville Fl, and surrounding areas you have come to the right place. We provide many unique services including complete security retrofitting, service and repair on every type of commercial-grade security product manufactured, and expandable security product choices. With over 40 years of experience assisting small, medium, and large enterprise businesses we can do it all. We even service governmental and military entities all over the southeast.

Our commercial grade, scalable security solutions are available in many types of products including, video surveillance, motion detection, fire suppression, and cellular boosting applications.

Our local monitoring center is staffed with professional personnel ready to assist your business in an emergency at the speed of light. We understand the majority of alarm activations are false alarms. This presents a continuous problem for owners as well as municipalities and their first responding agents. Professional monitoring is the only solution to combat this growing issue. With more and more security systems coming online these problems are truly overwhelming for most communities.

Give one of our highly trained and skilled security technicians a call for a free, security analysis of your property at 904-388-3975. Visit our website for a complete list of the products, services, and qualifications.