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What is a Forensic Grade Video Surveillance System?

Though video cameras used in security applications may thwart or detour criminal activity, their real purpose is to provide recorded evidence of the perpetrators and the crimes they commit. But how many times do we see an actual recording of a crime: assault, theft, robbery, kidnapping, etc., and based on the recorded evidence can’t really depict or tell who is the actual criminal in the film. Is it the angle of the camera or that the camera has been compromised in some way so that the face is obscured and unintelligible? The reality is that many manufacturers make substandard, non-forensic, non-commercial grade CCTV Cameras used in a variety of security applications and not only sold over the counter but by supposed security experts.

Unfortunately, this leads to poor lighting, blurred images, poor coloration, and even an out-of-focus video record of the event which is not compelling enough evidence to convict anyone of anything in a court of law.

So, what is the answer to the problems and the solutions available to provide the necessary video recording components necessary to effect a conviction?

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.

As a professional security alarm company in Jacksonville FL, ESI provides forensic, commercial-grade, state-of-the-art video camera technology. This is the first step in solving any problems one might encounter when setting up a video surveillance system. Below are issues that must be dealt with depending on the type, size, scope, and environmental conditions that might exist within and around the structure or field you plan on protecting.

Problems related to the quality of the video recorded images

  1. Camera Issues: Many times, video cameras are installed to cover a wide field of view in excessively large areas. Unfortunately, in these situations achieving a high-level of detail is almost impossible. The solution is to install more cameras with a narrow field of view, allowing a person’s image captured to be within 120% of the vertical height of the video image to be able to identify them.
  2. Improper Viewing Angle:  To best identify a person, a camera needs to have a relatively straight-on angle shot of the person’s face. Many cameras are installed too high and at the wrong angle. Sometimes pointed so that they only see the side of the face or the back of the head. At many building entrances, it is common to have only one camera inside pointing out towards the door. While this type of camera setup provides a good view of someone entering the building, one can only see the backside of a person exiting.
  3. Too Many Blind Spots in Coverage Area: Many times, there are obstructions such as parking garages or warehouses in the viewing area. Cameras can’t see through structural columns, parked trucks or stacks of pallets, and this creates conditions where large portions of the facility cannot be viewed by video surveillance cameras.
  4. Improper Lighting: For video cameras to operate properly they need to have adequate amounts of light. More importantly, is that the lighting needs to be uniformed throughout the viewing area. Too little light or the combination of bright areas and dark areas within the viewing area will usually produce a poor-quality image.
  5. Improper Recording Resolution Setting: There is a trade-off between the video resolution used for recording and the amount of time that images can be stored on the recording device. The higher the resolution, the less recording time. In many cases, the resolution setting has been set to an unacceptably low rate in an attempt to maximize recording time.

Why Choose ESI?

If you are considering a video surveillance system for your home, office, retail establishment, warehouse, or any other structure there are many factors that need to be considered before purchasing and installing a CCTV system. Our factory-trained and expert design CCTV specialists will survey your facility and work with you to determine exactly what your needs are. They can explain all of the options available to satisfy those needs while working within your budget. Our consultations are always free and designed to create security solutions not provided by many other security equipment providers. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 and experience the difference, a trained professional security consultant can make in managing your security needs.