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The Smart Security Choice

How Smart Are Your Door Bells?

Whether you are a residential homeowner looking for additional ways to protect your family or are interested in maintaining control over who has access to your dwelling, purchasing and installing a commercial grade Smart Doorbell Camera from ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a solid investment. These devices are actually a standard doorbell equipped with a camera that allows one to view the actual area in live, real-time viewing. The device is activated by pressing the doorbell and can be remotely viewed from a tablet, desktop computer or smart mobile phone from anywhere cellular service is available. This live streaming video footage that is captured in front of the device, allows a person to have 2-way communication the person, or persons that have approached your door without actually having to open the door. These technologically advanced security devices are very popular because they add another security shield layer of protection and can identify anyone and prevent an intruder from gaining access to your home and possessions. Traditionally, when someone pushes in on your doorbell it sends an electronic charge or signal to a chiming mechanism that gives off a noise or tune to announce someone is at your front door. These Smart Doorbell Camera Devices work exactly the same way except they have the ability to not only create an internal chime but a notification to your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection alerting you to the doorbell activation by someone and providing an actual video view of the scene. ESI can also install an advanced model that is equipped with a motion detector that when activated starts recording without the doorbell being engaged. By accessing the Doorbell camera app one can readily see who has approached, or if Wi-Fi is not available can view the video footage at a later time.  2-way communication is accomplished by means of a speaker that both parties can communicate through. Smart Ha! Many homeowners find it very convenient to be able to screen front door approaching traffic much like a caller ID functions on a telephone. Engage those you want too; ignore those you choose too. So those are the real benefits and value that a Doorbell Camera device can provide.

How Smart Are Your Locking Systems?

Another technological advancement that not only provides security measures but convenience as well, are Smart Lock installations. Having to deal with traditional keys that lock and unlock doors is a hassle that can be avoided by having ESI install smart locks on your doors. Originally, smart locks were a low voltage electronic door lock that used a keypad with a code to unlock doors. These highly functional locks provided the safety and convenience of not having duplicated keys to keep track of and often times get misplaced, lost or worse, stolen. Additionally, smart locks served the purpose of never getting locked out of your home again unless you forgot the combination and that could have been a problem. But that was the extent of their function and though they did have their value and serve a purpose, security manufacturers knew they could provide more security functions and extend that existing security shield with a new more advanced device. Moving ahead to today’s world, and you will find security companies like ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. installing Smart Locks that are truly smart in function and utility. Having remote access to enable and disable a door lock is a significant step forward. Having voice control on-demand with devices like, Alexa and Echo that already adjust the temperature within a home and dim, turn on or off lights, now can connect to your door locks is truly amazing. Again, internet connectivity using Wi-Fi gives one remote access to door locks with Smart Locks installation. These “Smart Security Products” are really better “Security Measures”. 

Why Choose ESI for All Your Home, Office or Business Security Needs!

As one of America’s top home and business security companies, ESI has been leading the challenge to provide advanced security solutions in North Central and North Florida for over 40 years. We have the know-how, expertise and trained security technicians to handle any security need. We pride ourselves on providing fast dependable service, repair, installation and monitoring for every security device or system we install. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We have affordable, commercial-grade security equipment that is both durable and effective in providing the most advanced security shield, money can buy.