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Are all Jacksonville Security Companies The Same?

There is a general belief in the local marketplace that most security and alarm companies provide similar services and at very similar prices. Many of these companies are locally owned and operated, but for the most part, do the same work as each other. There is even a general misconception that each of these security alarm companies has its own local monitoring stations. When it comes to marginally skilled types of companies like commercial cleaning, or lawn maintenance companies the services are usually the same and the price differentiators are usually not significant. Even auto repair facilities unless they specialize in foreign cars are similar in both technical ability and services. But when it comes to providing advanced, security alarm systems, not all alarm companies in Jacksonville fl are the same. Some offer general cookie cutter alarm systems and are really only interested in the reoccurring monthly monitoring fees while others are on the leading and cutting edge of security technology offerings. This goes for residential as well as some commercial security alarm companies, installing alarm systems simply so they can receive the contractual monthly monitoring charges. Many security alarm companies spend tremendous amounts of money advertising on the internet as well as television. Informing the general population about the lack of safety that exists in the marketplace is not a novel idea. Crime is unfortunately always with us no matter where we live, shop, or frequent. Exciting the general public about crime does sell security hardware, but off-the-shelf non-commercial grade alarm systems that are not monitored professionally is a remedy for disaster. Not every residential and business security application can be adapted using the same equipment. Every security shield should be unique to the physical setting if one is to achieve an effective deterrent alarm. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been providing cutting edge security technology to North Florida homes and businesses for over 40 years. We create custom alarm solutions with every application and we only use, repair, and install commercial-grade alarm components.

What Makes ESI A Different Security Alarm Company

The difference between ESI, Emergency Systems Inc., and most other security alarm companies are the professionally trained security technicians we employ. ESI is a commercial and high-end residential security company that provides unique alarm and security measures. These security shields are tailored only to your individual security needs. No two homes or businesses are the same and all require a thorough examination of their existing security measures before designing and installing a new security system. Implementing a repair remedy for existing security alarm components doesn’t always fix the problem. Sometimes it is cheaper and more effective to install upgraded security products that have kept pace with new criminal advanced activities to compromise security systems. Also, test monitoring the system’s performance is as important as purchasing the righty security measures in the first place. For over 40 years ESI has been at the cutting edge of affordable security technology and is as reliable and responsive, after the sale, as they were before it.

Business Owners have Unique Security Issues

Business owners need a high-level of security protection for their office or business, respecting the privacy of customers, employees, visitors, and venders. Guarding any facility against intrusion, theft or security breach is of paramount importance for everyone involved. Customers want to conduct business in a safe and hazard-free environment. Employees want the same provided security services, free of security breaches, and untimely interruptions. Business alarm systems that include a silent alarm device only provides an after the fact, security measure to help catch the perpetrators.

ESI has some of the most advanced detection and deterrent security alarm devices ever employed. Forensic Marking is a unique DNA misted spray that will aid law enforcement in catching and convicting criminals. These internal commercial surveillance systems are the backbone of protecting what matters most: your customers, employees, and facility. Business owners who are not prepared to employ this vital security measure risk everything. Effective, real-time business security measures employed are a necessity to thwart crime. Advanced surveillance measures are a necessity to prevent external theft and other security breaches. Facilities security management is what ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is all about. Whether you are protecting a brick and mortar property, bank, jewelry store, or any type of business establishment where cash is collected, DNA/Forensic Marking devices can add an additional layer of protection that no other product can equal. From initial design to installation, ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a unique commercial and residential security provider. We offer, cutting edge, state-of-the-art, security technology, combined with our local, professionally monitored 24-hour services. Highly trained, security technicians offer free, no-obligation commercial security consultations combined with cost-effective security protection and award-winning service second to none. Call ESI today for free security analysis at 904-388-3975 or visit our website at to review all of our products and services.