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Back To School Safety

As a parent or guardian of school aged children, we do not need to be told that the safety and security of our children at school is becoming our number one concern. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a society where we can let our children grow up in an atmosphere of trust and divine providence. As parents, we sometimes feel we are at the mercy of “whatever happens”. From first grade classes to college campuses our children have become vulnerable to societal issues outside our immediate control.  Fortunately for us there are technological advantages at our disposal to help ensure our children are relatively safe and accessible at a moment’s notice.

Your Security Company to the Rescue

A local security company, that provides home and office security, can aid families in protecting their loved ones with state of the art security protection at home and away. Ever thought about how a smart cell phone can actual map trace and target where your child is every moment of every day?  Did you know that there is an app that lets you know when you child arrives at or leaves school grounds, the moment it happens?  Apps that can assist the user to open and lock doors at home making your older unattended children feel safer and more protected.  Today there are manufactured products, with state of the art capabilities that can assist you in providing these types of services for you and your loved ones.

DMP to the Rescue

One such company DMP, Digital Monitoring products Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer of electronic burglar, fire and access products. Since 1975 they have designed, built, distributed & supported those types of products from their headquarters in Springfield, MO. They sell directly to Preferred Alarm Companies who are passionate about providing life-safety and peace-of-mind to their customers. That is their only business. ISO 9001 certified. ISO is a globally known certification, reserved only for organizations with stringent, well-documented quality systems. To ensure the flawless function of critical central station monitoring systems, DMP’s ISO certification provides added confidence that they will deliver the highest quality products to your local security provider.

Safety tips

As summer vacation comes to an end and kids head back to school, now is the time to incorporate added safety precautions into your family’s routine at home and at school.

Back to School Safety Tip #1:

Using the #geofencing feature in your DMP Virtual Keypad App, sets up a Geo fence around your child’s school. You’ll receive a cell phone alert notifying you that your child got to school safely, as well as what time he or she leaves each afternoon. Then, do the same for your house. Parents get notifications on their cell phones when children enter and leave the geo fenced areas.

 Back to School Safety Tip #2:

A Z-wave lock is a security device that is added to your entry door and eliminates the need for a key. The door is actually opened with a smart phone. Just give your kids their own special code and no one has to worry about a lost key.

Back to School Safety Tip #3:

It’s important to inform your children that it is NEVER safe to answer the door while home alone. So, when you need to see who is at your door, cameras can add an extra layer of security for you and your child and can be accessed and viewed from your cell phone. Additionally, CCTV is actually a very inexpensive way to secure your whole house and perimeter.

Back to School Safety Tip #4:

Your DMP system features notifications that are sent to your App when children come home from school. Each child should be given his or her own code for added security, and you can also make sure they re-arm the system once inside.

Back to School Safety Tip #5:

How many times have you said, “Don’t forget to lock the door behind you!”?

Did you know, you can setup a Favorites feature to lock the doors of your home at any given time? Whether it’s right after they leave in the mornings or get home in the afternoons, put your locks on a schedule and talk about peace of mind! Z-wave door locks can provide added security.


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