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Security Our Number One Priority

Why is our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Being Endangered?

Throughout recorded history mankind has tried to exert his dominance over his fellow man in the variety of ways. As cultures advanced technologically, so did man’s ability to exert his power and control over his neighbors. Since man’s ultimate quest was to control his own environment, establishing and maintaining dominance over others, secured that position. This has been mankind’s fundamental path throughout history.  Even in modern times, when man has had the increased capacity to exert his will over others, ultimately devastation and destruction have followed. Once flourishing societies unfortunately no longer exist. Where will it end for mankind.

Shining Beacon of Hope for the World

America today as a nation is facing some of its greatest challenges.  No longer is the threat to our very way of life just coming from outside our borders, but now from within.  Our society is experiencing a complete breakdown of the moral fiber this county was founded on. With our desire to run faster, aim higher, get more than the other guy we have deserted our fundamental way of life of prosperity for all. Through our patient desire to extend our society to become the melting pot of the worlds cultures we have opening up our borders, providing safe haven for people who have absolutely no interest in learning of or becoming a true American. Cultural distinctions, languages and ethnic identification has now identified the collective nature of our society. We have not ensured that our founding principles of honesty, integrity, fair play and respect for the individual have carried on in our social teachings and conscientiousness. The American family, as we once knew it has disintegrated into a past cultural life. Not since the American Civil War have we experienced this much divisiveness in our social, political and economic landscape. Our founding fathers hadn’t intended nor anticipated any of these social, economic and political events taking place in our society when they framed our constitution.  We have replaced the democracy of the post- World War 11 era with a neo-pseudo democratic rule that says: I can do anything I want, obey any law I chose, respect any form of authority I believe in. We are seeing it on our roads, in our workplaces and in the communal spaces we share every day.  Our elected leaders have abandon us and violence and a complete disrespect of the law and others is fast becoming the norm.  Our cities are in turmoil. Our schools, parks, workplaces and homes no longer provide us safe haven. We are guarding ourselves with a false sense of non-security by arming ourselves….. We are in deep trouble…..

What can the average person do about it?

As individuals we must start thinking about the unthinkable; that we are no longer safe in this society. As business owners we must take the necessary precautions of protecting our workplaces and as stewards of our institutions we must guard against intrusion and events that could occur outside of our control. More and more our world is becoming a very dangerous place to live and work.  We are not talking about a third world county, whose social and economic legacy is decided by conflict that determines its destiny. This is America. Land of the free because of the brave.

The creation of safe zones only existed in combat areas, where security was provided so the unsecured could gather and work in a relatively secured environment. Is that the kind of world be we want for our children and for our children’s children?

The political, social and economic leaders in this country have got to come together and help frame a dialog as to what kind of society we want to become. We can’t fault ourselves. That time and missed opportunity has past but we can take responsibility for what we do going forward.

We didn’t get into this mess overnight and we aren’t going to get out of it in the near future. But we have to start identifying the problems and creating the solutions. We need CSF’s, (critical success factors). Things that have to go right for us to grow as a society and a democracy.

How can we protect ourselves?

We have to take the responsibility ourselves for securing our own space. Police and emergency personal are usually called in after a problem occurs. We must start to think proactively not re-actively about our space and how unsecured it really is. We need to add security alarm systems to our homes, consider CCTV and visual monitoring if our endangerment warrants it. Companies need to employ the most up to date gate access and assess control devices for its workplace environments.  Badge identification needs to be instituted for all public work spaces like schools, hospitals, government buildings etc. We need to invest in the monitored surveillance of our public spaces. We need to enact new laws to protect our safety and well-being especially as it concerns the use of mobile devices. We need to consider the 1st, 4th and 9th amendments to our constitution and how when warranted we must give up certain rights for the protection of others.

Who can you trust for your security needs?

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a locally owned and operated Commercial, Residential and Industrial Security Company. We have been serving Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia since 1979. We are UL Listed and Certified and are an award winning company with products ranging from general home and commercial space security to complex custom security solutions for facilities risk concerns.  Our products include everything from perimeter and internal access controls and local monitoring to fire alarms, fire alarm monitoring, video surveillance systems, CCTV (closed circuit television for home or business) and electric gate operating devices.

We consider ourselves a one stop shop for the implementation, planning and execution of all security related tasks.

Your Security and Safety is our business and we make homes and business secure and comfortable. Please call us at 904-388-3975.

FL License Number: EF 0000087 – GA License Number: LV A004183 – UL Listed and Certified


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